4 Ways to Find Style Inspiration

When it comes to finding inspiration for your wardrobe, you might find yourself at a loss and not know where to begin or how to even start. However, there are a number of options that you may not be taking full advantage of. For example, window shopping is one of the oldest ways to take a few pointers from the pro’s and incorporate it into your wardrobe. With the tips below, you will be looking at things a lot more differently, realizing that your everyday life is full of style inspiration!

1. Your surroundings

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Here’s how you can find your style inspiration | iStock.com

Consider the next time you are on the train, in the park, or driving to work to take a moment to soak up your surroundings and partake in good old fashioned people watching. This may sound a bit odd at first, but you can really find a significant amount of wardrobe inspiration by simply observing others. Whether you are hard at work at the gym or school, don’t be afraid to grab some ideas from your peers and weave them into your own wardrobe.

2. Social media

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Pinterest and Instagram are great options for getting street style inspiration and seeing it showcased on everyday people. On Pinterest, you can create boards to catalogue your style inspiration by category. This is easily accessible no matter where you are and a great option when you are out shopping, since it can also be accessed on your phone as well. Instagram offers the same inspiration, but also allows the capability to interact personally with fellow Instagrammers. It’s also a wonderful option for seeking professional expertise from designers, stylists and influencers.

3. Celebrities or role models

Idris Elba

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Do you have a favorite actor, athlete, or singer that you admire? Why not consider them a source of style inspiration? You gravitate to this individual for a reason, so taking an in-depth look at their wardrobe selections may help to spark some creativity. Utilize your social media platforms as discussed to keep track of their looks both on the red carpet and in everyday life. A lot of stars are also very candid about where they have snagged their fashion must-haves making it easier for you to find their most coveted items.

4. Other forms of media (TV, magazines and the Internet)

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Woman reading magazine and listening to music on airplane | iStock.com/kasto80

Create a bookmark or folder on your desktop to save anything that catches your eye. This will make it easier for you to find this inspiration when you are ready to shop. If you prefer more of an old fashion approach, rip out any ads or fashion spread images that catch your eye and save it in a folder, a desk draw, or binder. If are looking for a constant reminder, (and you’re not shy about it) hang this inspiration up on your fridge or cork board. Movies new or old can also really get the creative juices flowing. As we all know, styles repeat themselves, so whether you are watching a movie that was just released or one from the ’80s you are bound to get some ideas that you can easily make your own.