Dry Hair? 5 Things You Need to Do for Healthier Locks

Parched hair can take the life out of the coolest styles. Dry, frizzy follicles, especially dry ends, are a very common hair woe. As your scalp is your hair’s natural source of moisture, it makes sense that as you move further down your strands your tips are more likely to be dry, because they’re farthest from your scalp. Additionally, as you get older, your scalp produces less oil and your hair becomes drier. If your hair has been feeling dull as of late, here are some easy ways to breathe some life back into those beloved locks.

1. Don’t wash as often

Woman getting her hair washed

Give your hair washing regimen a rest. | Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

Unless you’re hitting the gym religiously and sweating profusely, then there’s really no reason to be shampooing every day or even a few times a week, and when your hair is dry, this holds doubly true. By not washing your hair as often, you’re allowing your hair’s natural oil’s to build-up and condition your hair naturally. Until your locks start to regain their strength, try and stick to shampooing once or twice a week.

When you’re in the shower and washing, make sure you follow these words of advice to help you along: First, make sure you’re not using shampoos that use the word “clarifying” in their name. These shampoos can strip your hair of the elements it needs to stay healthy. Instead, look for shampoos with ingredients like natural oils such as olive or argan oil, glycerin, sorbitol, and/or shea butter, and steer clear of those with mineral oil and petrolatum that prevent your hair from absorbing outside moisture. Second, make sure you don’t wash with scalding hot water. Shower with lukewarm water instead.

2. Condition right

Man in shower

A good conditioner is an important part of moisturizing. | iStock.com

Men’s hair expert David Alexander points out in About Style that one of the biggest mistakes men tend to make is that they don’t follow conditioning instructions and don’t leave the product in long enough for it to penetrate the follicle. While there are some conditioners you use in the shower, which he advises to leave in for a minute or two, if your hair needs extra help then he says to use a leave-in conditioner like Bed Head for Men Leave-in Conditioner, which will work well. These tips are just as relevant for ladies, too.

3. Don’t towel dry

young woman wiping hair with towel

Rubbing your hair with a towel is a serious don’t. | iStock.com/Central IT Alliance

Talk about outright damaging your hair. When your hair is already dried out, it’s important not to towel dry because it’s most vulnerable when it’s wet and excess friction can damage it further. For the same reasons, avoid combing your hair when it’s wet as well. However, when it’s dry, you should brush it more because it will help to spread the oils evenly throughout your follicles and scalp.

4. Try a homemade remedy

whole and halved avocado in a wooden bowl

Create a homemade remedy using avocados. | iStock.com

While you can try to buy a hair mask product specifically for dry hair, why not get a little creative and save some money on a home remedy instead? This homemade remedy from Reader’s Digest is heavily avocado based, which colorist Stephen Sanna says is great because avocados are rich in essential fatty acids and minerals that help to restore shine to dull hair.

Take one ripe avocado, remove the pit and mash the avocado in a bowl. Then, simply add one egg, mix and apply throughout wet hair. Leave this on for 20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Use this mask once a week if your hair is still damaged or once a month for healthy hair.

5. Tweak your diet


Salmon is one of the best foods for healthy hair. | iStock.com

Now that you have avocados on your mind and in your hair, know that what you eat can have an effect on how your hair looks. To get that naturally soft hair you’re working so diligently toward, increase your intake of healthy fats like omega-3’s, found in fish like salmon and mackerel. Eggs will also help your hair due to their high biotin content, promoting hair growth and a handsome scalp.