Need to Impress Your Stylish Boss? We Have Some Tips

No matter where you work, looking presentable is important. The way you dress will likely help you move up in your career, since we are often judged by what we wear. If you happen to have a boss with an impeccable fashion sense, then dressing more professionally will earn you more respect. If you’re looking to wow your boss, here are five easy ways to dress to impress.

1. Pay attention to the designers your boss wears

Here's how you can impress your well-dressed boss.

Here’s how you can impress your well-dressed boss. |

It’s worth taking note of your superior’s fashion favorites. If your boss is a man, you might take note of whether he is into Gucci suits or mixing high fashion with street. Find out who his favorite designers and brands are, then casually bring them up in conversation. In need of a style refresher? Visual discovery tools like Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr are perfect to brush up on your fashion knowledge. Hey, you can even ask your boss for some pointers. People love giving advice, so this might be a way for the two of you to bond.

2. Make grooming a top priority

Man holding after shave

Your grooming regimen should be a top priority in the morning. |

Get regular haircuts. If you have a beard, wash it daily and keep it groomed. If you’re into a clean-shaven look, then shave daily. The point is to commit to a routine and always look your best. Ask your stylist for advice on the best grooming products, and try out a few until you find your must-haves.

3. Splurge on an all-purpose blazer

man in a navy suit for an interview

An all-purpose blazer will give your closet some flexibility. |

We don’t want you to break the bank, but if you’re building a dapper work wardrobe, then invest in a tailored blazer. Get one in a versatile color such as blue or grey. You can wear it to client meetings or to work with dark washed denim for a more relaxed look.

4. Find a good tailor

Male tailor by shirts hanging from wall

Finding a great tailor will ensure your clothes are always the best fit. |

For your business clothes to fit properly, you need to get them altered by a tailor. Your outfits look a lot better when they fit properly. Before you go, do a little bit of research or ask a friend for a recommendation. Ask a lot of questions, and remember it’s OK to try a few tailors before you find the right one. When you do, don’t forget to bring your dress shoes to your appointment so the tailor can get the hem right.

5. Go a step above business casual

Man in suit

Adding in a little extra effort in the morning will go a long way. |

The most common office dress code is business casual. But if you want to dress for the job you want, not the job you have, then step up your style a notch. Your boss will see you as someone that really cares about his job and will take you more seriously. If you normally wear jeans and a T-shirt, then wear tailored trousers with a dress shirt. Does your work require an uniform? Then keep it clean, neat, and well ironed.