6 Fantastic Ways to Layer a Turtleneck

If you’re thinking turtlenecks are one-dimensional — just another sweater in your arsenal — think again. A turtleneck is actually an essential to layering in menswear. It’ll help combat the cold; it’s even sometimes considered as a substitute for a scarf. A thin merino wool turtleneck, the most versatile of the bunch, can be easily layered with a dress or oxford shirt, suits, sweatshirts, as well as other knitwear to take your look up a couple of notches. Now that we’re deep into winter, layering that thin turtleneck under your clothing in creative ways is the best way to insulate you from the cold. Here are six of the best ways to layer your turtleneck this season.

First things first: You’ll want to pick up at least one of these John Smedley Belvoir Rollneck Merino Wool Sweaters in black. It’ll be the perfect foundation for any warm outfit.

1. Wear it under your dress shirt

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A turtleneck is a versatile layering piece |  iStock.com

Wearing a turtleneck under a dress shirt not only keeps the draft out, but allows you up to create some extra layered interest via your shirt. This look can be worn under your dress shirt unbuttoned or with a tie. Worn in the latter is a great way to elevate your business look, lending itself to a whole different kind of class and sophistication. Be mindful of one thing: If you plan on trying out this look, be wary of the temperature in your office or wherever you’re wearing this look. You can get a little hot under the collar, so to speak, and since your turtleneck is not easy to take off if you get a little heated. It’s great when you’re outside, not too great when you’re boiling inside your office. If your office is too warm, this look may not be the best option.

2. Under your chunky V-neck sweater

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Try a turtleneck instead of the obvious button-down | iStock.com

This pairing is one that not only works great right now but also when it gets a little warmer: You’ll be able to lose the coat completely because you’ll be so insulated. Since our choice turtleneck is on the thinner side, it can function as an insulating layer underneath a chunky, yet slightly fitted, V-neck sweater. This look lends itself to a more formal affair because you’re embracing a strong silhouette. It looks great with a pair of trouser pants for the office and, when you’re off duty, with a pair of dark wash slim-fitting jeans.

3. Under your blazer

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Just grab one of the blazers you already own | iStock.com

For the ultimate in chic professorial wear, pair your black turtleneck with a grey wool suit. This pairing is fantastic for when it’s cold out, and you want to try wearing something different. We’re warning you: You’ll be looked at as a trendsetter in the office.

4. Under your sweatshirt

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Extra cool for when you’re extra cold. We can’t help but encourage athleisure wear whenever possible. When you’re off duty but want to dress up your casual outfit a bit, wear your black wool turtleneck under a grey pullover hoodie. These differing functional pieces add depth and interest to your outfit, especially since the neck of the sweater is sticking out above your sweatshirt.

5. Under a denim jacket

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Inspired by our favorite blogger Brian Sacawa of He Spoke Style — he shows us that a turtleneck sweater (in a fantastic cranberry color) and a denim jacket look smart together. Once the snow and cold temperatures have passed, you can take that overcoat right off and be left with a smart, casual outfit.

6. Under a leather jacket

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In keeping with a similar, yet different, pairing is a turtleneck and leather jacket. Stick to black for both to exude an air of sophisticated rock ‘n’ roll that says all the right things when you’re walking down the street.