6 Ways to Transform Your Bachelor Pad Into a Stylish Space

Personal space is important, and your abode should be an oasis. Even if you’re a frugal decorator who prides himself on having the same set of dishes since college, it might be time to put on your big boy pants and admit that, although your greatest talent might not be picking out a paint color, it would be nice to come home to a nice place at the end of the day. So guys, ditch the dreary drapes, pitch the petrulli, and, for heaven’s sake, toss that tired tapestry.

This process, like many others in our adult life, might seem overwhelming, but don’t abandon all hope. A good place to start is with a service like Rooomy, a 3D startup that offers people the chance to visualize before they buy. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first, would you? Then why blindly purchase furniture, décor, and anything else you’re going to have to stare at on a daily basis, without first taking it for a cyber spin?

So, let’s get those rusty wheels turning with a few helpful tips straight from the Rooomy Interior Design team.

1. Keep what you can still use

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Just because you’re taking the leap to change things up doesn’t mean you have to toss everything you already own and replace it with new, expensive items. Be smart with what you decide to give or throw away, what you choose to keep, and how you can incorporate those pieces into your space without retaining the “bachelor pad” feel.

2. Stick to the basics

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The very basics of a mature living space include a good couch and coffee or side tables. If you already have good pieces, then no need to switch it up. However, if you’re still lounging on that raggedy old green leather sofa that you found in a dumpster, it’s time to move on. If you’re in the market, remember to stick to neutral colors, leaving the pop of color to other décor.

3. Ditch the bachelor pad vibes

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You know what we’re hinting at here. Unframed posters of your favorite ’90s rock band and entertainment pieces that are also being used as furniture (we know Joey and Chandler had a foosball table in their kitchen on Friends, but they had the excuse of being on famously beloved television sitcom). Any of these things scream, “I haven’t grown up yet, and I’m not quite ready to, either.”

4. Declutter

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Are you one of those guys who just steps out of his pants at the end of a workday, leaves them on the floor, unties your tie and tosses it on the chair? Stop this minute! Take yourself down to a local Container Store and invest in some storage space solution. Once you make putting things away a habit, those closet shoe organizers, necktie hangers and bins for your seasonal wardrobes will be your new best friends.

5. Step into the light

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Lighting makes a huge impact on our living space, so it’s well worth the money to make sure your domain is well lit. And we’re not talking about super bright, obnoxious neon bulbs, either. Decide if you need some floor lamps, or are interested in hanging fixtures, or even adding some candles around your home for lighting will help with the mood.

6. Add a pop of color

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Pillows are great for visual appeal | iStock.com

Choose a color and run with it. Pick out accents that will tie your space together, such as pillows, side chairs, and a piece of wall art. And definitely don’t forget to add a nice rug to complete the space.