5 Ways to Transition Summer Clothes Into Fall

Rest in peace, summer. Sure, it may be dramatic since technically our favorite sunny season doesn’t end for another few weeks; however, consider the days of summer Fridays, beach houses, and impressive tan lines officially over. And as we can no longer find a need for our pre-Labor Day whites and worn-in swimsuits, we should stow away all our summery garments until next year and solely focus on our fall clothing and accessories, right? Not necessarily.

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: Even though the leaves are beginning to change colors and pumpkin spiced-everything is running rampant at your local café, some of your skin-baring pieces are still wearable in the weeks to come before you finally give in and opt for a peacoat and scarf. Breathe some life into your old threads, and dress for those unreasonably hot autumn days, with these summery pieces that double as fall clothing.

1. Add textured pants to your T-shirt

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The same tee can work just as well during fall | Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

This summer, it’s safe to say that you wore pieces from your trusty selection of short-sleeved shirts all the time. While a relaxed T-Shirt was perfect for grabbing a beer with your buddies, you saved a more refined polo for casual Fridays at the office or date night with your significant other. Instead of packing these away for your highly-anticipated winter vacation, keep wearing these with a textured pair of pants.

Sure, your favorite jeans may be the usual sartorial suspect when sporting a basic t-shirt; however, breaking out a corduroy pick offers a refreshing twist (not to mention you’ll look like the go-to fashion guy amongst your group of friends). If your typical summer tees are of the bright-hued variety, stick with a neutral pair of textured pants. Feeling a little chilly in your short-sleeved top? Throw on a retro cardigan or a fall-friendly field jacket during the cooler weeks to come.

2. Mix a pair of shorts with a cozy sweater

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As long as you have a sweater, shorts are fair game for fall | Source iStock

When the mercury has risen far higher than you’d ever desire — and you’re away from the office — selecting a pair of jeans or wool trousers is an obvious “no.” Instinctively, you readily pillage through your short drawer to find a knee-grazing alternative to beat the heat in. In fact, didn’t you deem it officially summer the first day it was warm enough to sport your favorite shorts? But don’t be fooled, dear reader: Your favorite shorts have a longer shelf-life than you’d think. With a cozy, lightweight sweater and a pair of loafers, this summer essential is perfectly suitable for autumn. While your subtle pairs are more fall-friendly, go ahead and pair your salmon and yellow picks with a sweater in a neutral hue such as grey and navy.

3. Layer your tank top

Deny it all you want, but we know that you have a few summer-friendly tank tops lying around. At first, they were strictly for your daily outdoor jog, but you quickly reasoned that they are also perfect for those days when it’s so hot out that donning a sleeved shirt is too much. After all, ‘tis the season for “suns out, guns out,” right? As the seasons change, this pick transforms from tolerable to a sartorial sin. But if you simply can’t bear to part ways with this airy top just yet, fear not: disguising your sleeveless top is as easy as throwing on an extra layer. Simply mask the top’s sunshine aesthetic with a bomber zip-up or blue denim jacket — fashion-forward while tricking onlookers into thinking you’re sporting an average shirt underneath. Finish this look with a fitted pair of black jeans and a casual chic sneaker.

4. Autumn-ize your boat shoes with neutral hues

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Simply go a few shades darker with your shoes | Source: iStock

Besides your tattered pair of flip-flops (which we hope were restricted to the confines of your nearest beach or pool), that preppy pair of boat shoes was your fashion beacon of hope all season long. Whether dressed up with a pair of khakis and polo or taken down a sartorial notch or two with your swim trunks and a half-open shirt, it seems that these once fratty kicks are a stylish option for any summery occasion. Luckily, these shoes can be equally appropriate for fall with darker tones. While you may have worn these with your bright just a few days ago, opt for a tamer color palette for the weeks to come. Not to worry, your boat shoes will look equally cool with a white button-down and a pair of navy shorts. Once fall’s officially in full swing, swap your shorts out for a pair of jeans.

5. Pair a lightweight blazer with jeans

Perhaps it’s made of a crisp linen, a light cotton, or a dandy-inspired seersucker, but one thing’s for sure: every guy has the perfect lightweight blazer. Not only does it provide minimal discomfort for those sticky days, it’s also ideal for events ranging from a casual day at the office to an outdoor wedding. While you may think it’s time to trade in your lightweight jacket for a heavier alternative, we think not so fast. If your blazer boasts a zany array of high-octane plaid or small embroidered lobsters, it’s most likely time to put this in storage. However, a fuss-free blazer in a versatile neutral — think navy or tan — can be easily worked into your fall lineup. With long-sleeved knit top and a pair of dark-wash jeans, your once summer-approved blazer will be granted an autumnal twist.

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