10 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Winter Clothes in Spring

The long-awaited spring season is here, which usually means warmer weather, longer days and more excuses to spend time outside. The only problem is the fact that you’ve finally acquired the perfect winter wardrobe and, let’s face it, those leggings and chunky, knit sweaters are just too comfortable to slip out of in a snap.

Good news: You don’t have to pack up your entire wardrobe to collect dust all spring and summer long. Thanks to fashion’s ever-adapting attitude, there are plenty of cold-weather staples you can keep in your closet all the way through spring (and even summer!). Here are 10 looks that incorporate your favorite winter essentials.

1. Pair a classic sweater with a mini skirt or high-waist shorts

Beautiful young blonde woman

Try a skirt with your sweater. | iStock.com/javi_indy

There’s nothing like the comfort of cozying up in a warm, oversize sweater — especially when it’s cold out. But spring weather can be unpredictable, which means your sweater still gets the green light. Instead of wearing heavy jeans or leggings, pair it with a mini-skirt or high-waist shorts. The high hemline of either option will get some air flowing to your body and keep you cool enough on warmer days. Better yet, roll up your sweater sleeves or simply hang it around your waist if it gets too hot out.

2. Wear a long parka as a top coat over a dress

Beautiful brunette model in fashion clothes

Give new life to your coat. | iStock.com/soup__studio

Most parkas are pretty much designed to be coats and are often lined with fur or faux fur, making them ideal for the sometimes sub-zero winter temps. However, parkas still make the perfect spring-weather staple. Pair one with a lightweight summer dress for more warmth, or a shorter option, like a shirt or shift dress, to play with proportions and show off your cool kicks (Vans, anyone?).

3. Rock a turtleneck under a dress or romper

standing woman wearing dress

There’s no need to say goodbye to your turtlenecks. | iStock.com/phbcz

This brilliant layering trick lets you pretty much winterize any piece of clothing you own. All you have to do is put a turtleneck under it. Because most of these tops are tight-fitting, they basically add more coverage to any item you throw over it — from rompers and dresses to overalls and jumpsuits. And for those thinking turtlenecks are so ’90s, just check the runways. These tops played a key role in layering ensembles across New York runways during Fall Fashion Week.

4. Slip strappy sandals over your opaque tights

Woman's feet in high heel sandals

Yes, wear tights with your sandals. | iStock.com/rootstocks

Lace-up, strappy — whatever you call the gladiator-esque trend that’s taking over footwear, you probably associate them with summer. This is mainly because your feet are practically bare — the straps of the sandals are the only part covering your feet aside from the heel of the shoe. The best part about this style, aside from the fact that it’s super feminine and adorable, is that you can pair strappy sandals with just about anything in your closet. You can even rock them with a long maxi skirt!

5. Wear a winter sweater over a summer dress

Beautiful Young Woman

You can cleverly create a completely new look. | iStock.com/DanielBendjy

This might sound like you’re combining two clothing items that have no business being fused together into one outfit, but just hear us out. Yes, they’re closet staples of two totally opposing seasons, but when you wear them together, they actually create a totally different look. In fact, throwing a sweater or cardigan over a summer dress basically just turns your frock into an adorable spring skirt. Your friends and co-workers won’t even realize that’s the dress you wore all last summer!

6. Pair chunky boots with a mini skirt

Young beautiful woman slender legs in leather brown boots

Don’t you dare say goodbye to your boots. | iStock.com/visoook

Don’t ditch your favorite winter boots just yet. Keep them around for pairing purposes. Instead of wearing them with your heavier winter staples, like jeans or tapered trousers, pair them with a fun, feminine frock or leather mini skirt. The high hemline will again allow some air to circulate to your central body and the heavier boots will keep your feet warm.

7. Wear over-the-knee boots solo

Woman legs in black suede boots

This is a daring, but fun, look. | iStock.com/seb_ra

The elongated, over-the-knee boot has officially planted its flag on modern style and we’re OK with that. But instead of hiding these puppies away during the spring and summer months, we encourage you to continue wearing them — just remove the heavy tights and jeans you’re used to rocking underneath. Celebrities like Bella Hadid and Khloe Kardashian have shown that the over-the-knee boot can look super stylish when paired with high-hemmed ensembles from shirt dresses to high-waisted skirts and even rompers. Give it a try!

8. Embrace cropped sweaters

Hello spring, hello world!

You’ll love rocking this cute look. | iStock.com/Kinepx

While you might own a few and have worn them during the winter, this on-trend item of clothing can be hard to wear. It keeps your arms and chest nice and toasty in the winter, but the bare midriff means this look can really only be pulled off if you pair it with high-waist jeans. In the springtime, however, you can make more use of the cropped-sweater by pairing it with your favorite pair of shorts or a quintessential circle skirt.

9. Scarf it up

Stylish young woman posing at the spring blossom garden.

Scarves take on a whole new life during spring. | iStock.com/jacoblund

Scarves sound like the kind of thing that should be worn in the winter — and they are — but did you know they’re even more fashionable during the springtime? They’re relaxed, easy-to-wear accessories that really go with any outfit. Throw an infinity scarf over a cashmere sweater for extra warmth around your neck or wrap one around a light and bright spring dress. Statement shoes, eccentric bags, and costume jewelry are all fun add-ons.

10. Wear a shearling shawl over any dress

1940s glamour portrait wearing fur wrap with hand on hip

Save this one for more glamorous occasions. | iStock.com/mg7

You know those furry, Gatsby-esque accessories you hang over your shoulders for a fancy event? They’re super trendy and do a great job of adding warmth to a barely-there piece of clothing. Especially if you’re attending a wedding or formal event, drape a shearling over your outfit for instant warmth. While this look can work in the winter, you’ll probably still need a heavy coat to go over it, depending on the thickness and warmth of your dress. That’s what makes it ideal for spring, when it’s usually not too cool outside to need a coat.