3 Ways A Man’s Style Changes When He Becomes a Parent

One of the most amazing things has just happened to you: You’ve become a father. You’re amazed by this little human being who you created and love so much. These little lovable aliens come into the world, steal your heart, and you’re never quite the same again. The days of freedom are gone. You can no longer go out at a moments notice to grab a drink with the guys, see a film, or go to a restaurant, and time to yourself is limited, nay non existent, at least until your little one gets a bit older.

It isn’t just your free time that is impacted, either. The same changes also occur with your style, mainly because you have far less time and energy to invest in your look. One of the last things on your mind, at least for a while, is “what should I wear today that makes me look good?”

Ready to see how your style changes when you become a dad? Read on.

1. You dress for function, not fashion

A man smiling while holding his baby

Your clothes need to stand up to messes and lots of movement | iStock.com

Unless you are lucky enough to be able to take paternity leave (and most likely even then), you will definitely be wearing clothing as a means of function: something comfortable that will be able to sustain spit up and throw up and whatever other bodily functions the baby cannot control. There are exceptions to this rule, however. If you can sneak a night away from your crying, screaming infant bundle of joy to spend some time with your significant other, then opt for fashion, not function. When the opportunity arises, take it — dress up!

2. Your old clothes look different, almost unwearable

Parents With Young Baby Dressing For Work In Bedroom

Your regular duds will start to look different | iStock.com

Your clothes of yesteryear look completely different to you now, not only because they exude a less-mature you but once you go back to work, your personal time will be limited. This means you won’t be able to dedicate as much time to what you wear, and it’s just something to accept as part of the territory of becoming a father. Being a father will change your personal style, whether you like it or not. 

3. You start to dress more like an adult

Father With Baby Working In Office At Home

You’ll definitely dress your age | iStock.com

Vice writer Priya Elan describes his style going into fatherhood and how it transformed almost immediately afterward: “Suddenly, clothes that had previously made me feel cool made me feel wafer-thin and desperate.” He continues: “Later on, I wore a Breeders T-shirt around the postnatal unit and experienced all manner of withering looks from nurses. So yeah, if you want to be taken seriously as a dad-to-be, maybe don’t turn up to important appointments dressed like you’re going to a gig that happened in 2002.”

Simply put, becoming a dad matures you, and clothes that used to make you feel cool might not work for you anymore. You need to look responsible. Yes, you are a dad but you’re still a man, and although you may begin to dress like a mature father for a little while, your personal style will eventually creep back in, and you’ll figure out how to balance old stylish you and dad you.