12 of the Weirdest Gadgets You Can Get at Best Buy

Best Buy is a great destination for everything from smartphones to computers, cameras to TVs, smartwatches to speakers. Even though we’d recommend against purchasing open-box products at Best Buy, we don’t have too many other complaints about the store’s selection or service. But as with any store, Best Buy stocks a few things that are pretty strange. Ahead, check out some of the weirdest things you can purchase at your local Best Buy.

1. Selfie stick

ReTrak selfie stick

If you need to have a selfie stick, fine. But we won’t tell you that they aren’t weird. | Source: Bestbuy.com

Plenty of people have embraced this mobile photography tool. But for most smartphone owners, we’d say that this selfie stick — and the lapses of common sense and social etiquette that typically come with it — would be an ill-advised purchase. At best, you should be embarrassed to own and use one. At worst, you might put yourself (or your phone) in harm’s way while doing so.

2. Selfie light

Selfie light

Nobody should carry around something this bulky just to make sure they have good selfie lighting. Nobody. | Source: Bestbuy.com

As if the ubiquity of selfie sticks weren’t bad enough, Best Buy now stocks even more accessories to up your selfie game. This selfie light for Samsung smartphones doubles as a portable charger. We’re on board with making sure that your phone has enough charge to get through the day (or night). What we’re not on board with is carrying around a conspicuous smartphone accessory just to make sure you always have optimal lighting for selfies. Not cool.

3. Battery-operated skates

Battery-powered skates

Battery-operated skates sound vaguely fun, but you can definitely get there faster with regular skates. | Source: Bestbuy.com

Best Buy’s copywriters claim that these battery-operated skates can help you “travel in style.” What kind of style, they don’t specify. A battery and 50W motors in each wheel enable you to travel up to 7 miles per hour (never mind that the average speed of old-fashioned roller skating may range between 8 and 12 miles per hour). While 10-year-old you might have thought these skates were a good idea, it’s clear that there are faster and more normal ways to get around town.

4. Bluetooth signaler

Bluetooth signaler

Just in case you want to ignore your smartphone, but always keep it within 10 feet of you, this Bluetooth signaler’s got you covered. | Source: Bestbuy.com

We all have trouble making sure that we’re paying attention to our smartphones when important calls or messages come through. Those of us who’d prefer not to have to check our phones every few minutes often opt for a smartwatch that can notify us of incoming calls and messages. But if you want to neglect your phone and keep your wrists free, this Bluetooth signaler is for you. The device features a flashing LED, attaches to a keychain, and connects to your phone if it’s within 10 feet — a range in which we’re pretty sure you’d be able to see or hear an alert from your phone.

5. Corded pay phone

Pay phone

Who doesn’t want a corded payphone taking up space on their walls at home? Probably most people. | Source: Bestbuy.com

If you want to be completely liberated from your smartphone, then this corded pay phone may be exactly what you’re looking for in your next phone upgrade. Despite looking like it came out of the 1950s, this phone features push button technology, a redial function, and a ringer volume switch — all state-of-the-art features that should definitely make this phone worth the wall space and the hassle of dealing with the cord.

6. LCD e-writer

LCD e-writer

If a regular notepad is too low-fi for you, there’s always an LCD e-writer. | Source: Bestbuy.com

We all struggle to find something to write down a phone number or take notes on important details when we’re talking to someone on our smartphones. (After all, there are multiple notes apps on our phones for a reason.) This LCD e-writer aims to solve the problem, but probably doesn’t succeed for most people. It features an LCD screen, which you can write on with the included stylus, and lasts for up to 30,000 erases — if you don’t lose it or realize that it’s not any better than a pen and notepad before then.

7. R2D2 humidifier

R2D2 humidifier

An R2D2 humidifier is a bit of an incongruous choice. | Source: Bestbuy.com

A humidifier, when not properly cleaned and maintained, can be a big health risk. While you might use one when you’re sick, neglecting to properly clean it can mean that you’re exposing your family to bacteria or algae (which won’t help a distressed respiratory system). But if you can commit to properly caring for a humidifier, at least you have the option of a humidifier decorated like R2D2, since R2 is definitely known for hanging out in balmy, humid locales.

8. Facial massager

Facial massager

Who wants a facial massage from a device that looks like a ski mask or a VR headset? | Source: Bestbuy.com

Another gadget we definitely would not want in our bedrooms? A facial massager that looks like a ski mask or a virtual reality headset. Best Buy claims that using this facial massage for “just five minutes each day” will help you get better sleep, reduce your stress, and reduce under-eye dark circles and puffiness. But there are probably better ways to get all of those benefits, without the cumbersome mask.

9. Rock speakers

Rock speakers

Do you hide your house key under a plastic rock? Then you might want these speakers to match. | Source: Bestbuy.com

There are plenty of great speakers, even easy-to-use Bluetooth speakers, for every interest and budget. Some of them are even waterproof, and therefore perfect to use outside, whether around your pool, on your porch, or for a midsummer party. But in case you want speakers that can stay outside, there are always speakers shaped like rocks. They’re the perfect choice if sound quality isn’t an issue, and you’d prefer your speakers to look like the fake rock your buddy hides his house key under.

10. Pet treat thrower

Pet treat thrower

Tired of throwing treats to your pet? This gadget probably can’t solve your problems. | Source: Bestbuy.com

In case you can’t be bothered to hand a treat to your pet, this pet treat thrower has you covered. According to Best Buy, the ambitiously-named “treat-launching system” will “captivate” your pet, though many reviewers noted that the device either didn’t work or just scared their furry friends with its loud popping sounds. Our advice? Opt for a more useful doggy-friendly gadget instead.

11. Interactive rubber duck

Interactive rubber duck

Looking for strange gadgets for your kids? This giant, interactive rubber duck may take the cake. | Source: Bestbuy.com

If you have human children instead of furry ones, Best Buy’s got you covered when it comes to weird gadgets. One that we’d definitely avoid is this interactive rubber duck, which is not only a strangely large version of the classic bath toy but, as Best Buy puts it, “brings a fun personality to learning with interactive experiences combined with his soft touch, adorable quack and glowing charm.” The device enables your kids to play games on your tablet or phone, but we can think of plenty of those that don’t require a $99 rubber duck.

12. Automatic paper towel dispenser

Automatic paper towel dispenser

At the top of our list of unnecessary kitchen gadgets is this automatic paper towel dispenser. | Source: Bestbuy.com

This isn’t the same sort of automatic paper towel dispenser that enables you to get a paper towel without touching anything in a public bathroom and could, arguably, be something that someone, somewhere, would want to purchase. This paper towel dispenser, instead, is meant for your kitchen, where it’s probably just going to be more trouble than it’s worth.