What the ‘Sid Mashburn’ Label Really Offers

GQ has declared Sid Mashburn’s flagship Atlanta boutique “The Best Men’s Clothing Store In America,” and it is for a good reason. Mashburn combines some of the best original new designs with a big emphasis on quality and good old-fashioned customer service. Maybe it is because he is from the South or maybe it is because he understands men’s clothing in a way that no one else does.

Mashburn’s approach to design is also quite remarkable. He told GQ, “I don’t want to look at trends. I don’t want to look at what other people are doing. I’m not looking at what’s au courant, OK? Instead, it’s, ‘What’s in our closet that’s worn out? What needs a refresh?'” What the designer does best is take classic looks and reinvents them in an original way, bucking trends and carving out his own niche. There are currently four Sid Mashburn boutiques in Atlanta, D.C., Houston, and Dallas with more opening up soon. Here are some of the most stylish items this season. However, it is impossible to go wrong with anything that bears the Sid Mashburn label.

Pale Heather Grey Jacquard Half Zip Sweater

Source: Sid Mashburn

Half-zip sweaters are so great because of their versatility. They can be worn underneath a sport coat to make the look less dressy (and warmer) or in place of a sweatshirt or jacket with jeans, for a more polished look. However, standard solid half-zips can make you want to yawn. But, not this Pale Heather Grey Jacquard Half Zip Sweater. The design was inspired by skiwear of the 1960s, giving it a little bit of a retro look. Made from Geelong lambswool, it is incredibly soft and a more affordable alternative to cashmere.

Olive Suede Chelsea Boots


Source: Sid Mashburn

Sid Mashburn does not just design clothing, but also shoes and accessories. One of the best pairs this season are the Olive Suede Chelsea Boots. Uniquely crafted, these boots are bench made in England of over 200 operations using a Goodyear welt. The rich olive color makes the classic style stand out. If that was not enough, these boots are also made to become more comfortable as you wear them. And trust us, you will want to wear them at every possible opportunity.

Forest/Indigo/Navy Plaid Trouser


Source: Sid Mashburn

Let’s be honest here, dress pants all kind of look the same after a while, but not Mashburn’s plaid trousers. The sky blue and green blackwatch pattern is a little bit brighter than your standard dark plaids. Made in Brooklyn of all places from 100% wool, these slim cut pants are bound to attract attention.

Kincaid No. 3 Jacket in Lovat Green Herringbone


Source: Sid Mashburn

You can easily apply the word “stunning” to describe the Kincaid No. 3 Jacket in Lovat Green Herringbone. It is very textured and the blend of different colors in the wool really makes the tweed pop like nothing you have seen before. Horn buttons complete the look.

Flannel Down Vest in Camel Herringbone


Source: Sid Mashburn

The flannel down vest is a winter essential that happens to be equally warm and stylish. But most flannel vests are vey sporty, whereas Mashburn’s camel-colored herringbone vest is a little more dressed up. However, it’s still functional and comfortable. While this vest was designed to be worn on its own, you could wear it underneath a sport coat in place of a traditional vest, because it isn’t too thick or puffy.

Coral Batik Shorts


Source: Sid Mashburn

Patterned shorts usually have smaller patterns of animals like whales or turtles, but not these botanical Batik Shorts. With a large coral pattern, they take prep to a whole new level. Made of 100% cotton, they are perfect to take away on a vacation all the way from Palm Beach to Palm Springs.

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