What to Do With Your Wardrobe After Losing (or Gaining) Weight

Losing or gaining weight means that at some point your clothes are just not going to fit properly anymore. There is no need to throw away your entire wardrobe or start from scratch. If you lost a lot of weight, tailoring your suits or buying new pieces might be in store. On the other hand if you gain weight, then getting a few budget friendly essentials might be a temporary solution. Before splurging on new clothes, read our tips to get you started.

Do a closet audit

clothes in a closet

Sort through everything in your closet. | iStock.com

Take a weekend to go through your entire wardrobe. Try on all of your clothes to see what fits and what doesn’t. Set aside clothing that’s too baggy or tight-fitting. You can set them on piles to either donate, sell, or throw it away later. Assemble different outfits with the clothing that you kept and make a shopping list of wardrobe staples you’ll need to buy.

Adapt your wardrobe

measuring tape

Visit your tailor. | Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images

If you have some salvageable pieces that can be adapted, then take them to a good tailor. An experienced tailor can adjust your jackets down by two full sizes. This option is more cost-effective than having to buy several new blazers for work every time you lose or gain a few pounds.

Stock up on the essentials

a stack of jeans

Stock up on plenty of jeans. | iStock.com

When your weight is in transition, your best option is to update your essentials. Replace trousers, shirts, and jeans with a few pieces that fit you perfectly. Buy clothing that you can mix and match easily while giving you several outfit options. Avoid trendy clothing, since your weight might fluctuate, and you don’t want to be stuck with pieces that you can’t wear again.

Shop at budget-friendly stores

man shopping for clothes in a store

Shopping for clothes doesn’t have to make you bankrupt. | iStock.com

This is a really good idea whether you’re losing or gaining weight. You don’t want to break the bank when you’re going through this transformation, so shopping at thrift stores — like Salvation Army and Goodwill — or even discount stores allow you to get what you need at affordable prices. Start with stores like Uniqlo, Ross, Marshalls, and Kohl’s for a variety of clothing that you’ll enjoy showing off.

Reward yourself with something you love

man holding a stylish accessory

Splurge on some new duds. | Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images

If you met your weight goal or are halfway there, splurge on an item you absolutely love. Is it the brown leather jacket you always wanted or a bespoke Italian suit? It doesn’t matter what you covet, just go for it! You work hard for that bod, so buy yourself something that keeps you motivated.