What to Know About J.Crew’s New Sunglass Line


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J.Crew knows the secret to dressing well and isn’t afraid to share it. The retailer is a one-stop-shop that focuses on timeless style and simplicity. You can stock your wardrobe with every piece J.Crew sells — not only will you never endure a dreaded fashion faux pas, but you’ll own every essential menswear staple you’ll ever need. Plus, the prices won’t make you need to take out a second mortgage on your house or apartment. If that’s not reason enough to love J. Crew, here’s another: The brand has launched its first-ever sunglasses collection.

Aside from the sunglasses being an extension of the brand’s aesthetic, each model has “J.Crew” explicitly printed on the barn-door inspired hinge to keep in line with the brand’s message and dedication to its aesthetic.

Sam Sunglasses

Sam Sunglasses | Source: J. Crew

“In our clothing, there’ll be little stripes underneath a collar or beautiful piping inside of a lining,” said Jenna Lyons, J.Crew president and creative director of the J.Crew Group, to The New York Time Style Magazine, “so this was our way of putting our stamp on the sunglasses and showing we paid attention to the details.”

As for the construction of the sunglasses themselves, the affordable shades are made from a high-quality acetate frame, scratch-resistant lenses (which every man can appreciate), with 100% UV protection. As for the barn-door inspired hinges, they were also designed with quality in mind as each is secured with four individual screws, so the glasses will last you for years instead of just a couple of months.


Jack Sunglasses | Source: J. Crew

So is it time to replace your go-to ordinary Ray-Bans with a pair of good quality, stylish frames from J.Crew that claim to universally fit every man’s face? We think it may be.

Frank Muytjens, J.Crew’s head of men’s design, described to GQ what makes the retailer’s three-refreshed classic shapes that comprise the men’s collection so special: “We always tweak things a little to take them away from the ordinary — that’s what makes us us.”

Irving Sunglasses

Irving Sunglasses | Source: J. Crew

The three styles in the collection were given some classic sounding names: Jack, pared-down aviators with lenses in simple match-all colors; Sam, thick-ish, not-perfectly-round frames; and Irving, which are a sophisticated rectangular pair that Muytjens recommends pairing with your suit/office attire or with a cashmere crewneck for when you need to take your outfit up a notch. Muytjens suggests pairing the Jack or Sam frames with a double denim or a T-shirt and cardigan combo.

These shades are super tempting and hard to ignore when you shop in store or online — yet one more reason to love J.Crew.

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