What to Rid Your Closet of When You Clean It Out

The changing season is a good time to clean house. Literally. And by house, we mean your closet. If your closet is stuffed with old things you can’t wear, how are you going to have room for new clothes? Here are several things you need to get rid of this year as well as a few things you might think you need to get rid of, but actually don’t.

Clothing that no longer fits you

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Too short? It’s time to toss them | iStock.com

This goes both ways. We know for certain you are going to keep your resolutions this year but still, those pants that fit you in high school probably won’t zip again. Donate them.

On the other hand, if you have lost a lot of weight and plan to maintain your body, you don’t need to keep clothing that is five sizes too large on you. Donate it and replace it.

But keep…

Keep clothing that is one or two sizes too large on you and then take it to your local tailor for alterations. If you have things you really love to wear, you shouldn’t waste them; if all you have to do is have the waist taken in.

Stained clothing

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At some point, you have to toss shirts with sweat stains | iStock.com

Getting rid of stained clothing is a given, but not really because we all have things in our closet we have stained, but kept around anyway. As much as you wish the stain would magically disappear, that is not going to happen if you do not take action. If a piece of clothing is labeled as dry clean only, take it to the dry cleaners and see what they can do. You will never know, if you do not ask. Don’t be embarrassed, we’ve all dropped a short rib or two on a white shirt.

For clothing that is machine washable, buy a spot treatment and let the stain soak for a few hours. Then wash the item with your regular laundry detergent and a product like Tide Boost.

Shoes that have seen better days

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Ratty shoes | iStock.com

Don’t forget the bottom of your closet, where you probably keep your shoes. If you have shoes that are worn-out, scratched or ruined, throw them out. Don’t neglect to check the inner soles. If they are worn down, they might not support your feet anymore. That can actually cause injury. Talk about a fashion disaster….

But keep…

If you have shoes that need new heels or have thinning soles, but are otherwise in good condition, take them to your local shoemaker. Shoes are easily and quickly repaired for a fraction of what it would cost to replace them.

Fast fashion from two years ago

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Forever 21 clothes do not last forever | Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images for Forever 21

Fast fashion stores like Forever 21 and Zara are great because they sell inexpensive, ultra trendy clothing. That is until it is no longer trendy. These items are not meant to last for years and generally aren’t the highest quality. Toss your old fast fashion duds.

Keep and get rid of…

Don’t get rid of any expensive designer or luxury label clothing. While most people will tell you to get rid of things you haven’t worn in years, you should actually keep investment pieces. You never know when something will come back in style. However, if you have good designer clothes that are no longer your size or taste, a smart strategy would be to re-sell them. One of the easiest ways to do this is through The RealReal. You can schedule a free in-person pickup (depending on where you are located) or ship it to them for free. Take the cash you make selling your designer duds and re-invest into something new for yourself.