What to Wear: 4 Holiday Party Outfits You Can Get at Macy’s

Ah, the magic of Macy’s. Besides its appealing and memorable trademark, the magic really lies in the fact that it’s one-stop shopping for everything you could ever want or need to build an outfit. Ideal for women, yes, but more so ideal for the man who does not have the patience to shop all day or visit a variety of stores to figure out if a button down properly matches with a pair of chinos and brogues. It can put even the most patient man on edge. But not to worry. The Cheat Sheet has you covered for the holidays with four outfits that you can buy solely at Macy’s.


Source: Macy’s

We would be remiss if we didn’t start with this one. The official/unofficial start to the holiday season centers around two of the most important things in life, the two F’s: Family and food. Although Thanksgiving is traditionally a time when we loosen our belts, it’s also a time to impress our family and friends, especially if it’s been a little while since you’ve seen them. Getting together is the perfect excuse to look good. Just make sure to lay a napkin across your lap.

Your work holiday party


Source: Macy’s

Also known as the one day out of the year where your risk of being fired skyrockets. Many office holiday parties are known to be at nice places where there are open bars, so there are a lot of opportunities to overdo it, and worse, do something alcohol-fueled and stupid. Don’t make that mistake, instead, dress to impress. This may end up putting you at an advantage for that promotion you’ve been longing for.

The generic holiday party

Source: Macy’s

For the most part, if it’s a friend’s holiday party, it’s probably going to be more casual than formal. That doesn’t mean you should wear a sweatshirt though. Go for refined yet relaxed, and don’t forget to bring the eggnog.

Christmas eve


Source: Macy’s

If your first instinct is to reach for a Snuggie with a side of ginger bread cookies and milk, don’t. Santa is on his way and you want to look good for the jolly man’s arrival. Whether you’re spending it with family or friends, take a cue from every Christmas movie ever made: You can never go wrong with a sweater. Even it’s an ugly Christmas sweater.

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