3 Looks Any Man Can Wear on New Year’s Eve

There is something magical about New Year’s Eve. Not only is it a time to reflect on the year and make plans for the new year, but it’s also an opportunity to dress to impress! Depending on how you like to ring in the new year, there are a number of style options that can work for any occasion!

1. Classic white shirt

man buying a shirt

Buying a shirt | iStock.com

Every man should have a classic white shirt in his closet. Having versions of this traditional piece is a great idea for times you may want to add a bit of variety. A good example of this is a short sleeve or mock neck button-down in white. You can even consider options with a discrete pattern in a different hue of white. Deciding which shirt to go with will be determined by the NYE celebration you are attending. For fancier occasions, you can’t go wrong with a simple white button down, but for parties where you can introduce your own style have fun with it and opt for a white shirt that is outside the box. Above all, make sure to keep it crisp and clean.

2. Traditional tuxedo and suit

Man wearing a tuxedo | iStock.com

Man wearing a tuxedo | iStock.com

This is obviously the way to go if you are attending a traditional upscale New Year’s Eve celebration. It is so important to know your audience and the tone of the party so that you can dress accordingly. For occasions where you might have creative freedom, but want to keep it on the fancier side, try incorporating an out of the ordinary shirt with a traditional tux. This option is for the fashion risk takers, but it’s worth it. Try pairing a traditional black tux with a plaid shirt, stay away from flannel in order to keep the look on the upscale side.

Another option is a shirt with a bold pattern, like paisley. Just stick to a darker print to avoid being too busy. You can always go with a traditional look by leaning toward a white or dark button-down. To give it some style, perhaps swap the suit jacket with a jacket that has texture like tweed or velvet. You can also ditch the tie and leave the first few buttons undone. When selecting a pair of shoes, go with a dark colored oxford shoe to complete the look.

3. Laid-back look

Man posing in jeans | iStock.com

If you go for jeans, pick a dark wash | iStock.com

For a more laid-back look, such as a house party, you want to be comfortable but not sloppy. If you’re looking for a bit of contrast, try pairing a plain black T-shirt with a blazer in either a dark or light color. Another option is sporting a shirt in a non-traditional fabric, like faux leather or having it include faux leather detail. And a graphic tee is always a great conversation starter and looks great under a cardigan sweater or plain button down shirt.

Lean toward dark slacks or a pair of jeans in a dark wash. As for footwear, a clean pair sneakers like converse look great with with a blazer and T-shirt combination. Other options include a dark pair of leather boots or oxfords.