What Women Want: 10 Gifts to Buy for Your Girlfriend

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Have you ever accompanied your girlfriend to go shopping? It’s the worst. Sure, you sit for hours, aimlessly scrolling through Instagram; however, hearing your lady hem and haw over the material, which bra she’ll wear with this look, and if it’s worth the money is enough to drive you crazy. So buying clothes for her will be 10 times worse, right? Not necessarily. If Kanye West can successfully style his muse-turned-wife, Kim Kardashian, you can too. Here, we give you some guidance with ten chic pieces that your girlfriend will love. We did all the hard work, so now you just need to ask for her size.

1. Knit dress

Source: Nordstrom.com

Men and women often have very different opinions on what makes for a good outfit on women. For some men, it’s something that’s tight, shows off her curves, and exposes just the right amount of skin. Your female counterparts, on the other hand, prefer something that’s comfortable and makes them feel confident. Luckily, this knit dress from Theory marries the two visions together into one very sleek dress. The skin-grazing shape will hug her curves in all the rights ways, yet this dress is more “power woman” than “lady of the night.” And with the right accessories, this is a great choice for the boardroom or the bar.

2. Wrap skirt


Source: NeimanMarcus.com

Unless you frequently don a Scottish kilt, we have a feeling that you’re not well-versed in skirts. But, since they are a crucial part to any woman’s wardrobe, you most likely will be finding yourself buying one. It sounds easy enough until you realize that there are a slew of skirt styles to choose from: pencil, mini, A-line, midi, and the list goes on. Our choice? Tibi’s ultra tactile wrap skirt. The silhouette is less constricting than a typical pencil skirt and your girlfriend will be able to tweak the waist closure to perfectly fit her figure. With a simple pair of knee-high boots or conservative pumps, they’re office appropriate; however, this skirt will look extra nice with a pair of sexy stilettos for date night. Plus, the skirt’s tactile suede fabric will make it especially hard to keep your hands off of her.

3. LBJ (a.k.a Little Black Jumpsuit)


Source: BananaRepublic.com

Four score and some-odd years ago, little black dress was the ultimate sartorial arsenal for woman. But in 2015? They like to veer more toward masculine-inspired garments. Enter the little black jumpsuit, the LBD’s cooler, tom boy cousin. It’s no secret that guys aren’t that fond of rompers, playsuits, and any other womenswear onesie on the market, but gifting her this particularly man-repelling option will give you tons of cool boyfriend kudos. This pick from Banana Republic is super sleek, which she’ll love, but the open back is equal parts dramatic and sexy, which you’ll love.

4. Silky button-down


Source: Bloomingdales.com

Just like men, women also treasure their collection of button-down shirts. Whether they’re grabbing drinks with the girls or going to dreaded jury duty, these tops are a simple way to look instantly polished. But when it comes to dress shirts for the ladies, consider Equipment’s silky options the creme de la creme. They do require some TLC — aka, they’re dry clean only — but the 100% silk top feels so luxurious against the skin, plus the subtle sheen will instantly elevate any ensemble. Unless your significant other already owns dozens of Equipment shirts (in a variety of colors and patterns, no less), start her collection with a versatile neutral.

5. Fit-and-flare dress


Source: Target.com

The secret’s out: You love seeing your partner in little dresses. They show off her legs and make you feel like she put the extra effort into dressing up for you. If you’re looking to incentivize your lady love to wear more of them, surprise her with a fit-and-flare dress. Not only is this one from Target extremely affordable, but the nipped-in waist will give your girlfriend a slight, yet smoking hot, hourglass figure. Plus, this pretty berry hue will add some much-needed color to your girlfriend’s primarily neutral wardrobe.

6. Chunky sweater


Source: Bloomingdales.com

It’s a tale as old as time: boy meets girl, boys falls for girl, girl takes all of boy’s sweaters. While her love of sporting your baggy, musky-scented pullovers around is endearing, she’s probably decreased your sweater stock by at least 30%. So why not give her a cozy sweater of her own?  This one from Vince is ideal: It’s frills-free and made of a snuggle-friendly blend of cotton and wool, not to mention the off-white shade will work with her entire closet. To give this knit a boyfriend-approved twist, buy this a couple sizes larger and spritz your cologne on it — she’ll never know the difference.

7. Boyfriend jeans


Source: Barneys.com

Similar to that sweater, which she no longer needs to steal from you, some girls like their jeans extra baggy. Worn by everyone from celebrities to fashion editors, “boyfriend” jeans are the easiest type of denim for you to buy your girlfriend. And if you’re asking for our opinion on women’s jeans, we have to say that these from FRAME Denim are superior. A darker wash is universally flattering, plus the cool cuffed hem and contrasting stitching will have all your lady’s friends lusting after that pair. But before you freak out over how large a size 27 looks, keep in mind the key word “boyfriend” — they’re supposed to be a little baggy.

8. Sleeveless vest


Source: Macys.com

No matter your outfit aesthetic, keep during those arctic chill winters is imperative for everyone. If your woman has A-plus fashion, piling on a cardigan and a long-sleeved shirt may not be her idea of “chic winter dressing.” But this sleeveless vest from Macy’s will most likely do the trick. We know what you’re thinking: It’s sleeveless — how can it be that insulating? However, the extended hemline is a bulk-free way of adding extra coverage to her thighs and legs. Win extra boyfriend points by suggesting she wear this with her black turtleneck sweater and those skinny jeans she loves so much.

9. Statement coat


Source: SaksFifthAvenue.com

She may have all the puffers, trenches, and pea coats her heart desires, but what your girlfriend really needs (that she may not even realize yet) is a statement coat Even though warmth is her (and everyone else’s) number one priority during the harsh winter, who’s to say she can’t be stylish as well? Statement jackets are available in a plethora of colors, patterns, and textures, but we think this textured topper from Alice + Olivia is the perfect blend between subtle and statement. While this pick will cost you a pretty penny, the removable faux fur collar makes this coat extra versatile. Translation? Whether she’s wearing this with or without the fuzzy frippery, the fact of the matter is that she’ll wear this one all the time. Since she’ll probably sport this with some layers — think the chunky sweater above — look into seeing a larger size.

10. Chic sleepwear


Source: Barneys.com

As any style savant — male or female — knows, glamour is a 24/7 job. Though she may have fashion-forward attire for the day, having a pair of chic pajamas are also a must. Enter this silky set from Akris. These will keep her warm, but light enough to prevent any mid-dream perspiration. Dark enough to make a statement but not as boring as black, this dreamy hue perfectly juxtaposes these jammies’ polished silhouette. While pajamas usually fit true to size, give her a size larger if you’re not sure which would fit her because nobody wants to snooze in skin-tight sleepwear.

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