What Women Want: 5 Haircuts a Woman Loves On a Man

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Women love when men have great hair. If you’re struggling to come up with a great hairstyle, taking a woman’s advice might be the best way to find the perfect look and impress her at the same time. Ready to score a few bonus points with the ladies? Here are five hairstyles women love on men.

1. Floppy and flowy style

This hairstyle is for the creative, artistic man — think Johnny Depp. It’s ideal for men who have incredibly shiny, thick hair that’s either curly or wavy. Think of this ‘do as your natural flow with a confused part. It should be styled with minimal to no product. Simply put: The floppy and flowy style radiates an easy-going nature, but manages to be somewhat tame at the same time. Why do women love this look? We can run our fingers through this sexy style. Liz Finkelstein, stylist at Mile High Style sums up this style perfectly: “When done right, it communicates that you follow a different set of rules.”

What woman doesn’t love that?

2. Short crew cut style

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Women love this cut because it exudes confidence. This is great for men who love to keep their hair short, whether it be for the ease of styling it or because their hair is beginning to thin. Either way, confidence is the name of the game for this style. Men with any type of hair can pull this off, as shaving your head works for any hair type. Just make sure you rock this ‘do with confidence.

3. Cropped curly style

This is perfect for soft, curly hair. It’s been seen on Ryan Phillippe and Mr. 50 Shades of Grey himself, Jamie Dornan. Women love this look because it exudes a playful, sensual look. For this cut, make sure you keep your strands no longer than two inches in length around your head, and keep it shorter on the sides and in the back.

4. The straight-haired short style

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This style has been seen on celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal, and looks best on men who have fine or thick hair that is naturally straight. This cut is for the not-so-creative guy who has a business-oriented and regimented lifestyle. The man who rocks this cut knows what he wants and defines himself as a classic gentlemen — two traits that women love.

5. Hipster fade style

This cut has been seen on the likes of Justin Timberlake. The sides and back of the hair are cut short with the top left hefty and flowy. It often looks better on straighter hair, but can be maintained with curlier hair if you tame it with product or a hair straightener. It’s a haircut for the social media age because it’s so edgy and versatile. The hipster fade is perfect for trendy men.

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