What You Can Tell About a Man by Looking in His Bathroom

You may not think much of a guy’s bathroom cabinet, but this little destination may tell many a tale about the measure of the man (or at least something of his personal grooming habits). Is he the scrappy, get-by-on-nearly-nothing dude, or a high-maintenance metrosexual? Is he concerned with aging well, or simply shaving well? How much face time does he feel is necessary? Unlock all the answers to these questions and more with these key indicator products that will clue you in — once you take a quick glance in that bathroom cabinet. Men, take heed and make sure you’re saying the right things with that cabinet of yours.

1. Disposable razor and toothpaste

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Just having a toothbrush and razor in your bathroom is a sign of major minimalism. | iStock.com

A medicine cabinet with a disposable razor and toothpaste — and nothing else — is at the height of extreme minimalism for a man. A rugged bar of old soap may also be on the vanity alongside the standard manual toothbrush. This is close to the scrappiest grooming regimen that this soap-and-water guy can achieve while still presenting himself without too many a raised eyebrow in public. It’s nearly a survivalist, bare-essentials-only mentality — maybe this man spent time in the military or one too many days in the frat house. He’s definitely a good backpacker and camper; packing light is his strength.

2. Moisturizer

Man applying moisturizer in front of mirror

A man with a good moisturizer shows he takes pride in his appearance. | iStock.com

Still a grooming minimalist, a man with a moisturizer isn’t so stark in his routine as to leave out the benefits of a good face and body cream. He’s practical and he knows that taking a few extra moments to slather on some lotion does a world of good for ensuring he’s put his best face (and feet) forward — no ashy allowed.

3. Beard oil

Bearded man

Just because he has a beard doesn’t mean he’s extremely manly. | iStock.com

The preponderance of beard oil in the bathroom likely means one thing — well, two, actually. First, the man is probably rocking some fairly solid, well-conditioned, and precisely perfected facial hair. And, second, he may just be a lumbersexual, which is to say that although he rocks a mountain-man beard, there’s no roughing it when it comes to his grooming routine. He just may spend more time getting that beard ready in the morning than the girls do on their ’dos.

4. Overnight eye cream

Man applying eye cream

A man with eye cream is completely comfortable with fighting the inevitability of aging. | iStock.com

While the girls gravitate towards anti-aging eye creams and potions, sometimes guys forget about caring for their baby blues. However, one of the first signs of aging in men are the fine lines and bags that surround their eyes — a man with an overnight eye cream knows this well and literally takes that knowledge to bed with him. He may be a so-called metrosexual who is highly attuned to his personal grooming routine and caring for his face and body or maybe he’s in a style-forward industry where personal appearance is highly scrutinized, or perhaps he wants that steely gaze to stay as sharp as possible wherever he finds himself sitting in that corporate office. After all, he knows the “eyes” have it.

5. SPF

man rubbing sunscreen onto his shoulder

See any sunscreen? | iStock.com

Daily sun protection for the face is often ignored even by the female population, which makes the man who slathers on a SPF on the daily extra cognizant of caring for his health. Even though he may be a surf kid and a sun worshiper — or just a city commuter craving the beach — he knows that those harsh rays don’t only affect the skin during the summer months; they are present all year round. (He’s likely to also have some of that anti-aging cream in his back pocket.) But, beyond caring that the exposure to harmful rays can cause wrinkles at an early age, it’s way more than skin deep as he cares about protecting himself from the potential threat of skin cancer (and sunburns, naturally).

 6. Coconut oil

whole coconut split in half next to a container of coconut oil

If you find a man with coconut oil in his medicine cabinet then he is more than likely au natural. | iStock.com

As you’ve likely heard, coconut oil is not just for the kitchen. It’s the answer for an instant moisturizer, beard softener, aftershave, hair mask, teeth whitener, and more. A few good men who have put the all-natural product to the test may be super attuned to a healthy, au naturel lifestyle that minimizes potentially harmful preservatives and chemicals in grooming products. Or, they simply like all the benefits of the delicious oil, including smelling like a piña colada on the beach.

7. Hair thickener

Man examining his hair in the mirror

You new boo may be battling to keep his hairline. | iStock.com

Despite the occasional stereotype, hair thickener is not just for the, ahem, more mature generation. Thinning hair is common, even among the young guns. And a guy who’s already taking precautions to pump up the volume is nothing if not a planner who’s smartly taking matters into his own hands. He may have not been dealt the genetic deck of Fabio, but that’s okay. Hair thickening foams and products simply mean this man isn’t ready to channel his inner Vin Diesel — yet (or ever), so he may skew on the slightly more conservative side, too.

8. Fragrance


Cologne is great, but please don’t wear too much. | iStock.com

A man’s cologne is the wild card in the bathroom cabinet — after all, nearly everyone rocks some sort of signature scent (or scents) save for that extreme minimalist who couldn’t be bothered with the pettiness of “perfume.” From deep woodsy aromas to lighter, fruit-forward spritzes and heady notes of tobacco, much can be gleaned by a man’s scent as to what season of life he’s in.

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