What You Need to Know About Fast-Fashion Stores

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While investing in a high-quality wardrobe is always a good idea, sometimes, you don’t want to or simply don’t have the budget for it. That’s why fast fashion exists. But is it really worth it to buy something you know you can only wear for one season, if that? Is the quality so poor you end up spending more money in the long run? Or is it such a good deal, you’d be crazy to shell out any extra? It totally depends on what items you are buying and what your needs are.

Go fast

If you need clothing and are on a tight budget, fast fashion is your friend. Fast fashion stores are also a great resource if you are buying something you only plan on wearing for a short period of time. For example, if you are in the process of losing a lot of weight or you need a few extras for vacation.

For the “it” items this season like cropped pants or ponchos, go fast. Why spend any more money than you have to for something that is going to be so last season in a few weeks from now?

Slow down

If you are buying clothes for a specific purpose, and it’s something you need more than want, it’s a better idea to aim for quality. A good example of is warm outerwear, especially if you live in a cold climate. It’s not worth saving a few bucks if you are going to be cold and miserable. Another time you should always go for quality is in the activewear category. Fabrics that actually wick away moisture and do what you need them to, just cost more money to manufacture and design.

In the long run, the best approach is to own a good selection of high-quality staples and mix in fast fashion pieces.

Old Navy

Old Navy is a great place to buy casualwear that isn’t overly trendy. Owned by the Gap, its quality tends to be on the higher side (at least in terms of fast fashion), and its prices tend to be on the lower side. This season, its Ultimate Slim Khakis in arugula are a great find. Also, its flip flops, which often cost $5 or less all year round are a steal you shouldn’t miss.

Joe Fresh

Joe Fresh is a Canadian brand that is relatively new to the U.S. It offers comfortable, casual basics. This Shawl Collar Sweater is one of its trendier items this season.

Forever 21

Your girlfriend probably shops at Forever 21 and so should you. It’s easy to count on it for very trendy and one-season only items like these Destroyed Straight-Leg Jeans. While you’re there, check out the store’s accessories like this Faux Fur Trapper hat.


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Topman is technically fast fashion, although it carries some pricier items of higher quality. Its Euro-inspired clothing isn’t afraid to be bold, like this green plaid blazer. If you are looking for something more casual, this Good Vibes sweatshirt is better than good.

Zara Men

Spanish retailer Zara Men sets itself apart from other fast fashion brands by being more polished and mature. Its clothing also generally looks more expensive than it actually is, like this olive colored bomber jacket. For something a little warmer, throw on this oversized overcoat.


In addition to its regular clothes, H&M is known for its designer collaborations. This November, its highly anticipated collection with French label Balmain will hit the shelves. Past collaborations include Alexander Wang, Versace, and Jimmy Choo.


Uniqlo’s style is great for men who don’t need anything particularly trendy, but still want to achieve a pulled-together look. It also offers some items in extended sizes. This season, Uniqlo has many noteworthy button-down shirts from cool plaids to cheery ginghams.

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