What’s in Style? 5 Fashion Trends That Are Easy to Mess Up

stylish man wearing trench coat in the spring

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While movies like Zoolander and The Devil Wears Prada are extreme satires of the fashion industry, even the most stylish insider can tell you that the runway is completely different from the real world. For starters, we highly doubt that most of the guys you pass on a daily basis are sporting a full face of makeup and offering their iteration of “Blue Steel” or “Le Tigre.” As as for the clothes themselves, some of the biggest trends from the catwalk are so outlandish that they only belong on the glossy pages of some trendy editorial. Or are they? At first glance, some of the fads you see during fashion shows skew too avant garde to make their way into your closet. But, with some minor tweaks, even the boldest sartorial phenomenons can look normal and actually wearable. Here, we break down some of the trickiest trends for this spring and offer average guy-approved ways to wear them.

1. Low-key in lace

Attention: Lace is no longer strictly for your girlfriend’s lingerie or grandmother’s curtains. The fabric, which usually veers sultry or stodgy, has received a masculine makeover for spring. Lace was everywhere on the runway: Burberry, No.21, Moschino, and MSGM, to name a few. Regardless of the designer, we expect you to have some serious reservations about trying your luck with a frilly top (especially when your go-to spring shirt is a simple polo). The key, however, to making this trend more subtle is layering your lacy shirt over a similar-colored T-shirt. For example, a black shirt in this ladylike textile may look too feminine when worn alone, but a black tee underneath the lacy pullover or blouse will create an alluring textile that will merit more street style kudos than shudders.

2. Boyish blooms

Men's floral blazer from Macy's

Men’s floral blazer | Source: Macy’s

The biggest take-away point from the current menswear collections is that guys can take style cues from their lady counterparts. If spring’s array of lacy shirts is not your thing, perhaps you’ll like floral suits. Thanks to big brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Dolce & Gabbana, pretty petals ran rampant on the runway. Sure, a floral motif can read more feminine, but pairing the print with solids will make this trend look far more masculine. For example, a blossom-adorned blazer will look sophisticated, yet slightly quirky, when mixed with dark trousers and a lightweight turtleneck. Now that’s flower power even modern guys can get behind.

3. The pajama game

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: The best trends are the ones that marry style and comfort. But even the softest pullover sweater cannot compete with a pajama-inspired trend. From matching sets at Louis Vuitton and Versace to silky robes at Dries Van Noten, loungewear receives a luxe (and street-approved) upgrade. But as cozy as this trend is, you may be mistaken for rolling out of bed if you wear matching silks from head to toe. So why not break up the pattern by swapping out those drawstring pants for some distressed denim? A slim fit will keep your ensemble casual without looking costumey. If you want to give your look a wink to snooze style, accessorize with some plush loafers.

4. Glossy guys

Men's glossy jacket from Overstock.com

Men’s glossy jacket | Source: Overstock.com

Forget stodgy matte apparel, this season is all about bringing on the shine. As seen at Berluti, Wooyoungmi, and Prada, glossy garments are bound to spice up any ensemble over the next few months. However, a little too much shine can send your outfit into faux pas territory. Keep this trend at bay by mixing the statement piece with similar-colored items in varying textures. A shiny overcoat will look a lot less intimidating when paired with fuzzy pullover and wool trousers of the same hue. For a more traditional take on this fad, opt for a neutral color palette like charcoal grey.

5. Get baggy

Once upon a time, back when the likes of MC Hammer ruled the style world, baggy pants were all the rage. And, just like all trends do, voluminous trousers have been a major talking point over the last few seasons. And for spring, British brands like Christopher Shannon, Craig Green, and Topman Design released some bottoms that will add a swish to your step. But, unlike the pants of yore, these are neatly nipped at the waist instead of resting by your mid-thigh. So how do you, a modern gentleman who has no interest in looking like Slim Shaddy circa 1993, wear this trend without looking like an accidental throw back? Focus on your portions. Sporting a long (and equally roomy) coat with a voluminous pair of pants will look like you’re wearing someone else’s threads; however, a tailored top that hits right above your waist offers a more polished ensemble, not to mention you’ll inadvertently make your legs look significantly longer. We like the idea of styling these trousers with a fitted bomber jacket or short-sleeve dress shirt.

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