Which Department Store Meets Your Style Needs?

Not all department stores are built equally. So, where is the best place to shop when you are looking to update your wardrobe? It depends on what you are looking for, how much you want to pay for it, and what your style needs are. Here’s the lowdown on the difference between the major department stores for men. 

Barneys New York

A man shopping at a department store

A man shopping at a department store | TREVOR COLLENS/AFP/Getty Images

Barneys New York is the holy grail of men’s fashion. It’s like dying and going to wardrobe heaven. With only 15 locations as well as 11 outlets, it’s one of the most exclusive menswear retailers. Incredibly well curated, they sell the hautest of haute couture. So, as you can imagine, it doesn’t come cheap. However, you get what you pay for. From the trendiest jeans to the sleekest suits, Barneys is where you should shop when you only want the best. If your style and budget aren’t quite on par, check out Barneys Warehouse in person or online and don’t forget to put the store’s semi-annual sale on your calendar.


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No matter where you are, you’re never far from Macy’s. It is the largest department store in the U.S. and the 15 largest retailer in the U.S. Prices are in the midrange and while they aren’t known for having the trendiest items, Macy’s offers quality clothes at a good value, especially with their private label brands.


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Hands of a young woman using mobile phone | iStock.com/imtmphoto

Nordstrom really needs a slow clap. This store isn’t recognized nearly enough for its excellent selection of merchandise. It’s truly one of those places that has something for everyone in a really wide range of prices. However, Nordstom is still mostly considered a luxury retailer. They carry some great higher end brands including Canali, Ted Baker, and even Versace. You won’t find the same boutique trendy items that Barneys has, but any stylish man will be more than happy with what Nordstrom has to offer. They also have a lot of locations with 323 stores in 38 states. The company also operates Nordstrom Rack, which is the brand’s outlet as well Haute Look, which is a flash sale site and Trunk Club, which is a specialty menswear retailer.


A man shopping

A man shopping | iStock.com

While Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s are owned by the same parent company, the two stores aren’t even comparable. Bloomindale’s is a high-end luxury retailer, considered in the same caliber as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. There are 43 stores and 15 outlets throughout the U.S. Bloomingdale’s is a great place to buy high-end labels such as Vince, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and J.Brand. You can also find your favorite luxury brands like Gucci, Hugo Boss, Moncler and MCM. One thing to note about Bloomingdale’s is that not all stores in the same locale are merchandised in the same way. Some stores have a luxurious feel with attractive displays and helpful staff. But, the Bloomingdale’s across town can feel like a different store entirely. You should also note that returns, especially from online to in-store can be extremely challenging, so keep your receipts.

Neiman Marcus

Couple out shopping together

Couple out shopping together | iStock.com

Neiman Marcus is often compared to Bloomingdale’s, but really, it is closer to Barney’s. With high-end brands like Peter Millar, Tom Ford, Giuseppe Zanotti, Givenchy, and Stefano Ricci, Neiman Marcus exudes luxury. The main difference between Barneys and Neiman Marcus is that Barneys sells a lot of brands you’ve never heard of and Neiman Marcus sells all the high end labels you lust after. The store has 42 locations in the U.S. If you wish you could buy everything from Neimans, but don’t quite have that kind of dough, don’t miss their outlet, Last Call.