Which Hair Products Work Best for You (and Your Hair Type)?

The key to getting the best hair possible is committing to a routine that realistically works with your lifestyle and goals. Whether you have to wash your hair a lot because you workout every day, have more important things to worry about than what is on top of your head, are a perfectionist with more sprays and pomades than a drug store, or a man who has simply become frustrated with his scalp issues, it is possible to have the hair you really want. You just need to use the right products and tools.

The guy who is always at the gym

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Working out can have both positive and negative affects on your hair. One positive affect is that working out reduces hair loss. And then there’s sweating, which can increase the amount of sebum on your scalp and moisture in your hair, which can make your hair appear oily.

If your hair is dry, be sure to use a weekly hair mask, such as Bumble and bumble’s Quenching Mask. If you can hold off on washing your hair every time you hit the gym, consider using a dry shampoo in between washings such as Batiste. This will be less drying than traditional shampoo and save you time.

If you hair is oily, consider using a clarifying shampoo such as Citrus Clarifying Shampoo by June Jacobs, especially if you use a lot of styling products.

The busy guy

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It’s OK to admit your hair isn’t your first priority and you’d like to spend as little time as possible dealing with it. But, hey, you’d still like to look good. While you might already use a shampoo and conditioner combo because it’s a time saver, a better idea would be to use a cleansing conditioner such as WEN Sweet Almont Mint. With a clean refreshing scent, this product will thoroughly cleanse and moisturize your hair much better than a traditional 2 in 1.

If you only want to use one styling product (shouldn’t one be enough?), Dove Men+Care Styling Paste works on all hair types for all styles and is readily available at pretty much every local drug store.

The perfectionist

Are you that guy who likes to have perfect hair? Then you need the right tools. Start with a Jonathan Beauty Water Shower Purification System. This is a filter and showerhead that removes pollutants, chemicals, and heavy metals from your water, leaving you with cleaner, but softer and more moisturized hair.

After washing, dry your hair with an Aquis Towel. These towels will change your life or at the very least, your hair. They are designed to dry your hair without damaging it. You will notice less frizz, split ends and reduced drying time.

The guy with scalp issues

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If you have dandruff or other scalp issues, don’t ignore them. Using a proper hairbrush is the first step to addressing the problem. Use a brush made of boar bristles, which stimulate blood flow to the scalp and help moisturize your hair by bringing oil from your roots to your ends. Mason Pearson’s brush is pricy, but it will last for many years.

You should also use products specifically designed to address your individual scalp issue. Philip Kingsley is an entire line developed by a trichologist and has solutions for every single hair and scalp problem, whether it’s psoriasis, overprocessing or male pattern baldness. They have a solution for conditions you didn’t even know existed.

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