Why Are Men Cutting Their Own Hair?

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Many men are skipping the barber in favor of leaving their hair a little less refined and more scruffy. The rise of the instructional video on YouTube has given way to the do-it-yourself, self-sufficient attitude, thanks to the professionals who give out great style how to’s and tips that you can pause, play, and rewind. After all, professionals had to learn how to cut hair somewhere, so why can’t you too? When it comes to styling your hair, YouTube can be a fantastic resource, thanks to those who are willing to share their wealth of information, for free. Case in point:

Awhile ago, my curly-haired brother came to me, complaining about his hair. His hair is difficult to style, and he normally leans toward a more natural, less refined look that he can play with product wise. After extensively researching salons, he finally found a barber who specializes in cutting curly hair, but there was one major caveat: The salon was extremely expensive.

He went several times, over the course of a year and a half, but each time he would come back only moderately happy with his look, complaining it was too refined for his liking despite requesting that it not be so. His hair grows fast and he finally got to the point where he decided to take matters into his own hands. He was tired of spending so much money and not getting what he wanted. After watching a few YouTube tutorials, he asked me to help cut and shape his hair. Long story short, we took his clippers, shaped his hair, and he was finally able to get the look he desired. Needless to say, he’s been enlisting my help ever since.

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After helping my brother with his ‘do, I decided to look further into the do-it-yourself haircut, and I realized that my brother was not alone in his naturally scruffy pursuit. The haircut, more so than any other feature, explains who you are and what you want to exude. Plus, it frames your face. A good haircut, one with the right amount of personality, can completely transform a man from boring to mysterious and stylish. Good hair (and a personalized hair cut) is really all you need to exude sexiness. Not only that, you can do it yourself, or at least save time, energy, and money by cleaning it up in between barber visits.

Jen Atkin, a Los Angeles based hair stylist and celebrity stylist for Clear Men Scalp Therapy, has touched some pretty famous manes like George Clooney and Josh Hartnett. He cautiously outlined a strategy for those of you who want to tackle the do-it-yourself haircut, but with strong reservations about cutting your entire head completely by yourself: “You don’t want to do major damage right in front of your face,” she says. The idea is to not replace hair cuts all together, unless you feel like you really can rise to the challenge, but to keep it looking fresh in between your cuts at the barber or salon.

Ready to give it a try? Here are some tips from a man who tackled the hair cut by himself, claiming he looked damn good afterward. I guess you’ll just have to believe him, and give it a try.

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