Why Does Queen Elizabeth Always Wear Pearls? The Story Behind The Queen’s Favorite Necklace

When it comes to Queen Elizabeth’s style choices, everything down to her three strand pearl necklace is calculated. She wears bright, cheerful colors to stand out, comfortable shoes so she can walk without blistering, weighted skirts to avoid potential mishaps on a windy day, a hat if it’s a formal occasion, and she rarely leaves Buckingham Palace without her favorite necklace. But, why does Queen Elizabeth always wear pearls? We share the sweet story behind Her Majesty’s favorite necklace, ahead.

Queen Elizabeth pearls

The queen never leaves home without her three strand pearl necklace. | WPA Pool /Getty Images

Why does Queen Elizabeth always wear pearls?

According to reports, the queen’s favorite three strand pearl necklace is part of her official engagement uniform. Her neck is rarely seen without them, and we don’t blame her. After all, they’re beautiful, and the meaning behind them is sentimental. That said, she doesn’t have just one. She has three strand pearl necklace. She has three that she uses interchangeably.

The queen’s grandfather, King George V gave Her Majesty her first three strand pearl necklace when she was young. And she loved it so much that she had another one made. With two identical pearl necklaces in her collection, the queen was later gifted a third. Given to her in 1953 by the Emir of Qatar, the similar three strand pearl necklace mimics her favorite necklaces and features a stunning diamond clasp.

Today, the queen incorporates all three necklaces into her regular attire and so-called “official uniform.” And while there’s no word on why she interchanges them, our guess is it has to do with preserving her most precious Crown Jewels.

Pearl necklaces aren’t the only stand out items in her wardrobe and uniform. Read on for other items the queen can’t reign without.

Queen Elizabeth pearls

The queen always wears a black Launer handbag. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Black handbag

Pearl necklaces aren’t the only thing the Queen of England has multiples of. In addition to her pearl collection, she also has a black handbag collection. And, for the most part, they are all from Launer. The iconic handbag is more than just a place to hold her must-have items — read: mints, lipstick, a small mirror, a pen, and reading glasses — it’s a way for her to send hidden messages to her staff.

Should the queen shift her iconic black handbag from one hand to another, it signals her ladies in waiting and other members of staff that she’s done with the conversation. If she places it on the table at an event, it means she wants to leave in five minutes. Another way she sends a hidden message to her royal posse? By placing the Launer bag on the ground. As soon as her purse touches the ground, her ladies in waiting know she wants to be rescued.


While it’s not as common for younger generations — aka Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle — to wear gloves on official engagements, the queen prefers it. The queen allegedly wears gloves to protect her hands from dirt and damage, but also believes an outfit would look incomplete without them. And, like her handbags, there’s only one label she trusts. Since the queen’s honeymoon in 1947, she’s worn Cornelia James gloves

Nail polish

Queen Elizabeth is a creature of habit. From her necklaces to her handbags to her gloves to the polish on her fingers, she likes things the same. Case in point: She’s been wearing Essie Ballet Slippers nail polish since 1989.

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