Why Men Need to Wear Chapstick

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Your lips need as much care as the rest of your face, since lips are almost always exposed to the elements. Chapped lips can happen year-round, so keep them healthy by using a lip balm. Look for one with a wax-based ingredient for staying power and SPF for sun protection. Whether your diet, environmental factors, dehydration, or an underlying condition caused your dry lips, here are a few reasons why you should wear chapstick to keep your lips safe.

Hydrate cracked lips

No one likes having to deal with chapped lips! Avoid this by choosing alcohol-free lip balms; it’s important to read the label carefully. Balms with artificial flavors and sweeteners can cause an allergic reaction. Before applying it, dampen your lips with cold water and then use the balm to seal in moisture. The cool water helps the top layer of skin become more absorbent and it aids the balm in locking in hydration to prevent dry, chapped lips. Don’t lick your lips when they feel dry, since saliva increases the irritation and makes chapping worse.

Sun-proof your lips

The outer layer of lips are so thin that they can’t be shielded from the sun, which makes your lips constantly vulnerable to sun damage. Since they have no melanin — the pigment that gives skin their color — lips can easily get burned. Show your lips a little love by applying a lip balm that contains an SPF. Use it just like you would sunscreen, which is every two hours to keep lips from cracking and getting sunburned. A great option is Jack Black’s Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 for instant relief.

Heal your lips faster

A good lip balm can quickly seal up any cracks on your chapped lips. It also helps prevent infection, dryness, and irritation. Another way to heal dry lips is by exfoliating them at least once a week in the summer and twice a week in the winter. For a quick scrub at home, mix together honey and granulated sugar. Dab your lips with the mix for a quick and effective exfoliation technique. Rinse off when you’re done and apply lip balm.

Keep your lips moisturized

There is a misconception that chapsticks and lip balms add moisture; what they do instead is seal your lips to protect them from losing their own moisture. Invest in a natural balm that contains either beeswax, cocoa butter, or almond oil to provide an extra layer of protection and help lips hold onto moisture. Apply chapstick before bed, since skin dehydrates overnight. Here are few other ways to ensure that your lips don’t lose moisture:

  • Drink more water. Keeping yourself hydrated will help keep your lips from getting chapped.
  • Turn on a humidifier at night. It can replace dry indoor air and it keeps your lips moisturized.
  • Ditch salty snacks and spicy foods such as hot wings for a while. It can dry out your lips.

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