5 Reasons Why You Don’t Look Good in Pictures

2. You’re not working your angles

Find your best angles for the best photographs

Find your best angles for the best photographs. | Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

From celebrities on the red carpet to supermodels strutting the catwalk, they all know the secret to getting the shot. And, it has a lot to do with working the right angles. Everyone has a unique facial structure and the camera is there to make sure you’re aware of it — for better or for worse. If you’re not sure how to make sure you flaunt your good side, spend some time taking a few selfies to understand how the light hits your face.

When it comes to your body, a few general rules can set you on the right path. A hand placed lightly on the hip can help create definition at the waist while standing with one leg in front of the other can narrow hips. Arch your back into a C shape to look a bit more curvaceous — and always make sure to stand up straight.

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