Why You Should Consider Using a Straight Razor

If your mission is to keep it clean (clean-shaven, that is), then we have a proposition for you — try an old throwback, with your razor. The straight razor may be the way that your great-grandfather (and James Bond) shaved, but this blast from the past still holds plenty of merit today.

Don’t be intimidated by the oldie-but-goodie shaving ritual that’s been described as the manliest way to shave. This artisan method of shaving presents many a benefit once you get past the learning curve and lose the safety net of that electric razor. Consider this list of reasons to make the switch. We think you’ll be convinced.

Get a better shave

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Perhaps the best reason to think twice about the straight razor is because it really does provide a better, more luxurious shave — and also the closest shave imaginable — leaving your face smoother than you thought possible. It is clean masculinity at its finest. Razor burn and ingrown hairs often become a thing of the past, too, while you’ll find that it provides maximum exfoliation for your skin without the use of any additional facial scrubs.

Of course, at the end of the day, there’s purely the hardcore, cutthroat side to the guard-less, straight razor endeavor, which really only increases its appeal. Once you get the hang of this sharp new grooming method, you’ll likely enjoy shaving (and the associated bragging rights) far more.

Save some cash — and the environment

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Sure, the upfront costs of a straight razor trump that of a pack of disposables and cartridges. But, over a short period of time, you don’t have to be a math wiz to see that you’ll get your money’s worth and that straight razor will pay for itself. All those double-edge blades add up after awhile. Think of your straight razor kit as a lifelong grooming investment.

If you’re particularly attuned to eco-friendly practices, the straight razor reduces a host of waste by eliminating your part in the endless cycle of throwaway plastic cartridges and the packaging material in which they’re sold. You can also simply use soap and a shaving brush rather than aerosolized shaving cream, further upping the green factor of your routine. It’s the little things.

It will narrow your focus


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Shaving with a straight razor is nothing short of an acquired craft — an art form at its finest. And you cannot rush the process. Allow yourself a few moments of meditative zen in the morning to zone in and focus on one thing: The perfect shave. It will set the pace for your whole day. And, remember, small, short passes of the straight razor work best. This is not the time for any sort of sawing action or mindless passes of the blade.

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