Why You Want a French Press Coffee Maker

There’s nothing like a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning. Unfortunately, the stuff that comes out of your electric drip coffee maker doesn’t taste as good as it could. The solution? Make it in a French press instead.

French presses make better coffee because they let the ground beans steep in the hot water, allowing full, even flavor extraction. And since there’s no paper filter, the coffee retains the beans’ oils — a key component to the taste of the final cup. Here are five great French presses that will make any coffee drinker happy.


SterlingPro French Press

Source: Amazon

One of the top French presses on the market is the SterlingPro press, a simple device that reliably makes great-tasting, full-bodied coffee. Not only does it look drop dead gorgeous, but unlike most French presses, it uses a double-screen filter, so you don’t have to worry about finding coffee grounds at the bottom of your mug.

It’s also easy to take apart and clean after you’ve recharged your batteries with a steaming cup of paradise. You can buy the SterlingPro press here.

Bodum Thermal Press Pot

Bodum French Press

Source: Amazon

If you enjoy multiple cups of coffee in the morning, a French press with a glass carafe simply won’t do. By the time you’re ready for cup number two, the coffee will have cooled to lukewarm at best.

That’s where a thermal pot like this one from Bodum comes in. Its double-walled stainless steel design will keep your coffee hot and fresh for up to two hours. That means you can take your time with your first cup, with full confidence that your refill will taste hot and fresh whenever you’re ready for it. Buy one here.

SterlingPro Double Wall Press

SterlingPro Double Wall

Source: Amazon

This SterlingPro press is also made from insulating stainless steel to keep your coffee hot for a long time. But instead of a brushed exterior it sports a shiny mirror finish, which you may or may not prefer.

Like the glass SterlingPro model above, it uses a double-screen filter that locks down every last fleck of grounds, ensuring a clean pour. It even comes with an extra pair of screens, which could come in handy if something happens to the originals. Buy this top-of-the-line coffee press here.



Source: Amazon

This isn’t your daddy’s French press. It may look unusual, but make no mistake: This thing produces some of the best-tasting coffee around. That’s because it uses the one-two punch of full immersion and pressure to extract the flavor of the beans.

Making coffee with an Aeropress takes a slightly more hands-on approach than other French presses, but don’t let that scare you off. It’s easier to clean, because you don’t have to scoop out wet grounds — you simply push them out the bottom of the device. The one drawback is that it only makes a single cup at a time. But if that’s all you need, the Aeropress is an excellent choice. You can buy one here.

KONA French press

Kona French Press

Source: Amazon

If cost is your main priority, this KONA model will suit you just fine. It doesn’t have the stand-out features of the ones above, but it does what any French press worth owning should do: it will brew you a delicious cup of coffee without any fuss.

Other than that, it’s affordable, it’s dishwasher safe, and it’s small enough that you can put it in the cupboard when you’re done with it. Buy one here.

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