10 of the Best Beauty Trends You Should Sport This Season

Once the temperature drops below 40 degrees, you’re probably more concerned with throwing on layers than showing off a blogger-approved ensemble. But that doesn’t mean you need to retire your sense of style until spring. Since you’ll be bundled in a puffer jacket, gloves, and scarf all winter long, we suggest shifting gears and focusing on your beauty routine. There are tons of fads that will give your look some next-level appeal without compromising your comfort. Trends come and go, but if you want to try something new this winter, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorites.

1. Thick brows

Cropped shot of eyebrow correction procedure

Full brows are beautiful | iStock.com/YakobchukOlena

Pencil-thin eyebrows are so yesteryear. Instead, 2017 is all about thick eyebrows. They’re your face’s anchor and have the power to complement the rest of your features. The next time you visit your esthetitican, ask him or her to shape your brows but not change the thickness. If your brows have yet to resemble Kiera Knightley’s, we recommend you use an eyebrow pencil to create the illusion of thicker brows. Or, if you’re ready to go the whole nine yards, microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that makes your brows look fuller, and ultimately thicker.

2. Multi-purpose products

Using the same product for lips and cheeks is one of the best beauty secrets | iStock.com

Using the same product for lips and cheeks is one of the best beauty secrets | iStock.com

In a perfect world, you’d spend hours primping before heading to the office or a hot date. In reality? You’re scrambling to put your face on before heading out the door. Between balancing your personal and professional lives and finding enough time to go to the gym, you are really busy and want products that will work wonders in a timely fashion. Luckily, multipurpose products are very on trend. According to Allure, almost 2 million Pinterest users saved pins about multipurpose products. Using the same product on your lids, lips, and cheeks was very big in 2016, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Plus, think of all the money and time you’ll be saving. If you ask us, it’s a total win.

3. Chrome nails

Hands with gray metallic manicured nails

Get some chrome polish | iStock.com/Natkinzu

Step aside nail art, there’s a new trend in town. If you’re sick of the traditional red or neutral lacquer, why not try a chrome polish in 2017? When done just right, adding some copper, silver, or rose gold fingertips can be surprisingly stylish. Unlike the half-moon and succulent-adorned designs that ran rampant in 2016, chrome nails make a statement, but aren’t too flashy. Don’t believe us? Self reports this trend is already getting a lot of love on Pinterest.

4. Elevated braids

beautiful young blonde woman on a light background

Give the basic braid an upgrade | iStock.com/melanjurga

And no, we’re not referring to your average French braids. Many attribute Kim Kardashian’s social media accounts for making boxers braids fashionable again in 2016, but a new year calls for a new braid trend. And this year, the sky’s the limit. Some beauty buffs have been adding strings and other embellishments to their braids while others have been incorporating the criss-cross ‘do in their top knots.  There are tons of ways to pull off this trend but whatever you do, don’t play it safe.

5. Colored eye shadows

set of decorative cosmetics

It’s not all about neutrals | iStock.com/-oqIpo-

Well, we didn’t see this one coming. Admittedly, we’ve spent some time critiquing bright eye shadow for looking outdated. But trends are usually cyclical, so one person’s faux pas is another person’s trend. Nowadays, colorful lids seem to be pretty much everywhere: On runways, Instagram feeds, and even the occasional red carpet. While we encourage you to try any trend that piques your interest, we recommend you proceed with caution. Opting for pastels over vibrant hues will make a statement without being too loud.

6. Bangs

Hairdresser cutting woman bangs

A woman getting her bangs cut | iStock.com/kzenon

If you’ve been debating whether or not you should get bangs, 2017 may be the best year to take the plunge. According to Glamour, everyone from Selena Gomez to Jenna Dewan Tatum has been adding bangs to their beauty rosters, so you’ll be in good company. Of course, different face shapes look best with different types of bangs. Before you commit to a particular style, we strongly recommend you consult your hair stylist. If you have curly or wavy hair, having bangs might require you to style your hair more often. But don’t worry: It’s worth the hassle.

7. Pink lipstick

Lipstick to paint lips

Woman holding a tube of pink lipstick | iStock.com/zahar2000

Winter is the time to wear cheery red and wintry bordeaux lipsticks, right? Maybe not. Millennial pink is one of the hottest colors of the moment, according to The Cut, and it looks like the beauty industry is embracing this trendy hue, too. According to Refinery29, you can expect to see a lot of bright pink lipstick this year. And if you’re looking to become the beauty guru of your friend group, make sure you wear this trend before it hits the masses. Between demure soft pinks and outlandish magentas, there’s a lipstick for every complexion, preference, and personality.

8. Long locks

calm emotionless model with long windy hair

Long hair is definitely in | iStock.com/Julenochek

While we love a shoulder-length lob as much as the next beauty-conscious girl, Glamour says 2017 is all about the down-to-there hair. Lengthy locks made an appearance at Proenza Schouler’s and Prada’s Spring 2017 fashion shows, plus everyone from Kim Kardashian to Chrissy Teigen has been sporting this trend. Short-haired girls could always pick up some extensions, but if you want to get long hair the natural way, be sure to check out our hacks for growing your hair faster.

 9. Subtler eyeliner

woman applying black eyeliner

Make sure you pick the proper eyeliner | iStock.com/ValuaVitaly

Don’t worry: A cat-eye liner will always be in style. But if you want to give your eye makeup regime a more timely twist (and do not want to succumb to bright eye shadow), you might want to rethink your eyeliner. Harpers Bazaar says tracing your waterlines with a kohl liner is very au courant, and we have to agree. This trend offers a great way to make your eyes pop but is more subtle than a traditional cat-eye. As a bonus, tracing your waterline is one of the easiest makeup tasks around, so it’s great for beauty novices.

10. Matte skin

Makeup products and accessories

Makeup products and accessories | iStock.com/pogrebkov

No, there was never a time when oily skin was considered trendy, but matte skin is making a comeback in a major way. According to Glamour, the beauty market is currently filled with tons of great finishing powders that even out your skin and keep excess grease at bay. For the best results, sweep some finishing powder after layering your face with moisturizer, foundation, and concealer. When applying finishing powder, we encourage you to err on the side of caution. StyleCaster mentions finishing powder can leave white streaks on your face when not applied properly, so it’s important to blend it in with care.

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