7 Winter Clothing Items You Never Knew You Needed

High-quality winter clothes tend to last us a number of years. As a result, we often don’t update our cold-weather wardrobes, continuing to reuse our seasonal attire from preceding years. Although you may think you have all the winter clothing you need, you’d be surprised. These high-tech items will revolutionize the way you experience winter, and you probably didn’t know they even existed.

1. Tumi waterproof tote: $295

Tumi Voyageur Nylon Tote

Tumi Voyageur Nylon Tote | Nordstrom

Instead of holding your purse against your body to protect it with your coat, invest in a water-proof handbag. Tumi’s Voyageur Nylon Tote can hold all of your daily essentials, as it’s equipped with numerous pockets and a laptop slot. Work doesn’t stop for bad weather, and with this gorgeous bag, you don’t have to risk damaging your phone, computer, tablet, or notebooks in the snow.

2. Cole Haan winter sneakers: $95

Cole Haan Women's Raven High-Top Fashion Sneaker

Cole Haan Women’s Raven High-Top Fashion Sneaker | Amazon

Let’s face it, most snow boots are bulky and hideous. Thankfully, Cole Haan has provided us with some stylish footwear that’s still warm enough for snow. These suede, shearling-lined high-tops are perfect for everyday, casual wear. There’s a good chance you’re going to start relying on these sneaks as a winter wardrobe staple. A word of advice: These probably don’t have enough grip for slushy streets. But they’re perfect for early and late winter, when the snow has started to melt.

3. Uniqlo heat-generating top: $14.90

Uniqlo Women’s HEATTECH Scoop Neck Tee

Uniqlo Women’s HEATTECH Scoop Neck Tee | Uniqlo

For fashion lovers, the most frustrating part of dressing for winter is the constant bulk that comes with bundling up. From December through February, your figure will be buried in layers of thick wool and cotton. Fortunately, Uniqlo has a line of clothing that solves this problem. Thanks to Uniqlo’s HEATTECH technology, seemingly thin clothing is able to absorb and retain heat as well as (if not better than) a thick sweater. In one of their tops, you’ll feel cozy, insulated, and back to your normal size as soon as you take your coat off.

4. Eddie Bauer down jacket: $269

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer Down Jacket | Eddie Bauer

In the heart of winter, we rely on massive parkas to keep warm. But what if you could get the same toasty insulation in a sleek, athletic-fitting jacket? Eddie Bauer’s MicroTherm technology produced this incredible women’s parka, which delivers this effect. Though it looks way too thin to wear in the snow, this jacket is actually filled with highly compressed down, which has maximum thermal-efficiency and water-repelling abilities. If that hasn’t sold you, know it also comes in three gorgeous colors.

5. Merona faux fur-lined leggings: $18

Merona Faux Fur-Lined Leggings

Merona Faux Fur-Lined Leggings | Target

What if there were incredibly warm pants that not only slimmed you, but also looked great with absolutely everything? Consider your wish granted, because Merona has released faux fur-lined leggings. Nothing could be softer, warmer, or more stylish. Trust us when we say you absolutely need them this winter.

6. J.B. Fields winter socks: $25

J.B. Extreme 30-Below Winter Socks

J.B. Extreme 30-Below Winter Socks | Amazon

No matter how much we layer our clothes during winter, our feet always end up neglected and freezing. To stop coming home with red, numb, icy toes, do your feet a favor and get yourself a pair of J.B. Extreme 30-Below Winter Socks. These extremely popular socks could survive in the arctic tundra, so they’ll definitely serve you well this season.

7. REI smart gloves: $29.95

REI Black Diamond Lightweight Screentap Gloves

REI Black Diamond Lightweight Screentap Gloves | REI

Smart gloves have become incredibly popular over the last few years, but most tend to be poor quality and, therefore, unable to keep your hands warm enough. Fortunately, REI has developed winter gloves with the perfect balance of heat-retention and full functionality. In these gloves, your fingers can move enough carry out the needs of your everyday life (texting and checking emails included) while staying nice and toasty.