Workout Leggings Gym-Goers Swear Make Your Abs Look Totally Flat

When it comes to working out, your outfit can make or break your experience. You’ll need to wear moisture-wicking materials to ensure you won’t be leaving behind any sweaty thigh prints on the gym machines, and you’ll also want breathable, lightweight fabrics you can move and stretch in. Not only that, but you also might want to look your best when working out.

If your trouble area is your abs, you’re not alone. And there are plenty of leggings designed to conceal any tummy imperfections you may want to hide. Here are the ones to try.

Lululemon Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Full-On Luxtreme

Yoga teacher wearing Lululemon high-waisted pants

Yoga teacher wearing Lululemon high-waisted leggings | bodyscapeyoga via Instagram

Price: $98

Lululemon has become a household name for workout gear — and there’s a reason gym-goers keep going back to the Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight. This particular pair from the Wunder Under collection features the Luxtreme fabric, which is both soft and moisture-wicking. And the high waist band is ideal for both coverage and support, which you’ll need during your most intense workouts. An added bonus: There’s a pocket on the waistband for your valuables.

Ultracor Lux Knockout Print Leggings

Price: $198

Not only are Ultracor’s Lux Knockout Print Leggings stylish, but they’re also incredibly flattering — and they currently carry a five-star rating from those who have purchased them in the past. They’re pricey, yes, but that’s only because they’re made of soft compression fabric that holds you in tight while ensuring comfort. The pants contain built-in shapewear for a perfectly sculpted behind and a flat midsection while you’re working out. It’s no wonder they’re a best-seller for the company.

ASOS 4505 Seamless Yoga Legging With Knitted Panel Detail

Price: $35

You can still get high-quality, flattering leggings without breaking the bank — and that’s where ASOS 4505 Seamless Yoga Leggings come in. The panel detail tricks the eye, making you appear long and lean from your tummy down to your ankles. And the high-rise waist does a perfect job of keeping the abs in tight, no matter what sort of workout you’re doing.

Gymshark Energy Seamless High Waisted Legging

Woman wearing Gymshark leggings

Woman wearing Gymshark leggings | gymsharkwomen via Instagram

Price: $43.20

You’ve probably seen these Gymshark Energy Seamless Leggings all over Instagram — and that’s because they’re affordable and ultra flattering, no matter what your body type is. For under $50, these leggings feature soft fabric with beautiful ribbed detailing to make them stand out from the rest. The high waist and thick waistband ensures support and full coverage while still allowing breathability, too. And the fabric is moisture-wicking, so you never have to worry about leaving behind trails of sweat. Those who have purchased these leggings love them, too, as evidenced by their resounding five-star reviews.

How to pick your ideal pair of leggings

If you want to head to the store in search of your own perfect pair, there are a few things to consider. The fabric, where you want the pants to fall, and whether you need pockets or not should be on your personal checklist.

Consider the fabric:

If you’re planning on doing some serious cardio, you’ll definitely want to look for leggings that are made of moisture-wicking material. Shape notes nylon and polyester blends are best for making sure the sweat rubs right off of the leggings rather than absorbs into the material. And you’ll also want to make sure your pants have plenty of stretch, especially if you’re performing yoga-like moves. Spandex is ideal here.

Depending on how much you’re planning on sweating, you may prefer a cotton-blend fabric over nylon or polyester. It won’t be as moisture-wicking, but it may be more comfortable.

Know your preferred length:

If you hate the idea of sweaty clothes sticking to your body, you’ll probably prefer leggings that hit just below the knee or mid-calf. But if you’re looking for total coverage (perhaps you’re an outdoor runner during the cooler months), you’ll want to go with leggings that cover the entire leg. Length may not feel like a big deal before you wear them, but when it comes to your comfort, it can make all the difference.

Woman working out in a gym with a barbell

Woman working out in a gym with a barbell | Jacob Ammentorp Lund/iStock/Getty Images

Consider the waist:

Do you like to cover your abs completely, or let them breathe? Do you prefer a thick waistband, or something thinner? These are all something to consider when picking out the perfect pair of leggings. While all the suggested pairs above feature high waists, it may not be your cup of tea — and that’s OK!

Pockets or no pockets:

Yes, leggings come with pockets now if you so choose. And while some folks, particularly those who perform workouts outdoors, prefer this, you may just see this feature as a nuisance. Check out the pants thoroughly to see if there are any pockets hiding on the inside or outside. Usually, they aren’t as obvious as you may suspect.

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