The Most Cringe-Worthy Fashion Moments in Presidential History

2. Clinton’s booty shorts

Bill Clinton pauses a moment while being asked about former White House intern Monica Lewinsky

Bill Clinton really doesn’t need short shorts. | Stephen Jaffe/AFP/Getty Images)

Who wears short shorts? The 42nd leader of our country, that’s who. Unless you’ve been living under a rock since 1998, you know that Bill Clinton’s reign was coupled with a few scandals. But Clinton in running shorts that are shorter than any teenage girl would dare to wear doesn’t make anyone happy: not Hillary Clinton, not Monica Lewinsky, and certainly not us. Sigh, if only Clinton knew the “shorts-must-be-as-long-as-your-fingertips” rule that most middle school students were coerced to follow, then the world wide web would be a better place. Or, if  he really felt the need to bare it all, invest in a personal gym! Not even the annoying guy who hogs the treadmill deserves to see this.

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