You Need to Ask Siri, ‘What Should I Be for Halloween?’

Whether you’re bored and wasting time or actually need help with a task or a question, Siri can be an iPhone owner’s best friend. The digital assistant has a beloved sense of humor, thanks to the writers working behind the scenes at Apple HQ. They’ve added plenty of jokes and fun responses to Siri’s repertoire. And they’ve even equipped her to help you answer the age-old question: What should I be for Halloween?

The functionality has actually been available at least since 2015 (and Siri debuted on the iPhone 4s back in 2011). But that shouldn’t make Siri’s suggestions any less welcome this year, particularly if you’re struggling to figure out what to wear to that Halloween party. Below, check out some of the hilarious suggestions that Siri will offer if you ask for her help coming up with a costume idea.

1. An eclipse

Three friends on smartphones

Have you ever asked Siri, “What should I be for Halloween?” If not, you’re missing out. | AntonioGuillem/iStock/Getty Images

There’s no telling what order Siri will offer her suggestions in if you ask her “What should I be for Halloween?” multiple times. But when we asked her, she started off with an idea that sounds simple enough. Siri suggests, “You could go as an eclipse. Just dress in black and stand in front of things.”

2. The Millennial Falcon

This one is perfect for Star Wars fans — especially those who don’t want to shell out for the increasingly elaborate (and extravagantly expensive) costumes you can find online. Siri suggests that you should “Dress up as a bird, take a selfie, and go as the Millennial Falcon.” If you want an excuse to make your selfie game a vital part of your costume, this is the costume for you!

3. The balm

Another Halloween costume suggestion you’ll appreciate if you love puns as much as Siri does? She’ll sometimes suggest, “You could dress up like chapstick and tell people you’re ‘the balm.'” You may not have much luck finding a lip balm costume at your local party store. Fortunately for you, the community of Yahoo Answers has already brainstormed some options.

4. An operating system

If you’ve spent any time asking questions of Apple’s digital assistant, then you know that it wouldn’t be a conversation with Siri if you didn’t get a dose of technology humor. She quips, “You could put on surgeon scrubs, hold some instruments, and tell people you’re an ‘operating system.'” Touché, Siri.

5. An intelligent agent

Siri has more suggestions that relate to the iPhone! She sometimes answers, “Personally, I think ‘intelligent agent’ would be an excellent choice. For those not in the know, “intelligent agent” refers to a piece of software — including applications like Siri — that “searches, retrieves and presents information from the Internet.” We’re not entirely sure how you’d dress up like Siri, but we’re sure she’d be flattered if you tried!

6. An update

Still not sure you’ve found the right iPhone-related Halloween costume? Then you might appreciate Siri’s next suggestion, which seems perfectly suited to anyone who routinely forgets to update iOS (or MacOS, for that matter). Siri suggests, “You could place a calendar on your head and go as an update.”

7. A pirate (or pilot)

A traveler uses his smartphone at the airport

You use your iPhone for everything, and Siri knows it. | Ridofranz/ iStock/ Getty Images Plus

Joking about iPhone users’ reliance on Siri to help them navigate around unfamiliar territory (or even their own hometowns), Siri suggests that you could dress up as a pirate. “You could be a pirate,” Siri suggests. “I’ll be your co-pirate.” We’ll admit, Siri does make an excellent co-pilot.

8. A hypothetical question

We’re not entirely sure how you’d turn this one into a costume — but that’s probably the point. Ask Siri, “What should I be for Halloween?” enough times, and eventually, she’ll answer, “The scariest thing I can think of. A human hypothetical question.”

9. A circumflex

Linguists and mathematicians alike will probably like this answer. “Put on a little pointy hat, and go as a circumflex,” Siri suggests, referring to the ^ diacritical mark placed over vowels in many languages (and in mathematics). Fortunately, this costume would probably be pretty easy to put together!

10. An inverted breve

Surprisingly enough, the circumflex isn’t the only diacritical mark that will come up when you discuss Halloween costume ideas with Siri. “Put on a little round hat, and go as an inverted breve,” Siri will suggest. Like the circumflex, an inverted breve is probably a sufficiently obscure Halloween costume to ensure that few people will guess the joke. But if you prefer to be a fly on the wall at Halloween parties, maybe that’s exactly what you want.

11. Antigravity

In the mood to protest something? Why not let your friends know that gravity is keeping you down? Siri suggests, “Jump up and down, over and over, and shake your fist. You can tell people you’re antigravity.” Definitely one of her more clever suggestions!

12. A Tasselled Wobbegong

Want to show off your knowledge of deep-sea creatures? Then when Siri suggests, “How about a Tasselled Wobbegong?” she’s probably speaking your language. This shark is known for hiding out on the ocean floor, where it serves as an “ambush predator.” This flat and well-camouflaged shark waits for prey to swim a little too close — and then it strikes.

13. A sign wiggler

Young woman laughing at her phone

This is one of the more surprising answers you’ll get if you ask Siri, “What should I be for Halloween?” | UberImages/iStock/Getty Images

When Siri suggests, “Be a sign wiggler! It’s such a lively way of communicating,” she might be talking about the workers who stand outside shopping centers, spinning signs that usually advertise furniture sales or mattress liquidations. Or, if our Google search results for “sign wiggler costume” are to be believed, she could be talking about the “air dancers” or “tube men” you see outside of car dealerships — which, surprisingly enough, Target has a costume to imitate.

14. Yourself

Depending on her mood (or, more accurately, the luck of the draw), Siri may offer you some life advice along with her Halloween costume suggestions. “Just be yourself,” Siri told us. Maybe she was just tired of answering the same question, over and over again.

15. What you’ve always wanted to be

Another great piece of life advice you might get when you ask Siri what you should be for Halloween? She might tell you that you should be, “Whatever you’ve always wanted to be.” Maybe you can start with the Halloween costume and then change your career plans accordingly.

16. A quantum mechanic

Physics nerds, listen up: This one is for you! Sometimes, Siri will suggest that you “Get some teeny, tiny tool belts and go as a quantum mechanic.” We think that’s a pretty clever way to express your enthusiasm for the branch of physics that deals with the behavior of light and matter at the atomic and subatomic scale!

17. A disembodied voice

Siri also suggests, “You could be a disembodied voice.” We’re not entirely sure how to pull that one off. Maybe Siri has some ideas? Or perhaps she could turn to a fellow intelligent assistant — like Samantha in Spike Jonze’s Her — for some creative ideas.

18. Plankton

Siri has a few one-word answers, some of which are more helpful than others. (She sometimes just answers, “Boo!” Funny, perhaps. But not particularly insightful.) On other occasions, Siri may answer simply, “Plankton.” It’s a random suggestion. But you could probably find a way to pull it off! Maybe Siri is a SpongeBob fan.

19. A ghost

Happy little girl holding smart phone

Siri has some classic answers, too. | Poike/iStock/Getty Images

Siri also offers up the suggestion of what might be the most classic Halloween costume in the book” Be a ghost,” she suggests. “All you need is an old spreadsheet.” We love her twist on this classic costume, which has a longer (and darker) history than most trick-or-treaters probably realize.

20. A Wonder Person

Ask Siri, “What should I be for Halloween?” enough times, and you’ll get a few perplexing answers. Sometimes, she’ll reply that you should dress up as “A Wonder Person.” If you’re wondering exactly what Siri means by that, you’re not alone. Perhaps she’s trying to offer a more inclusive superhero suggestion than saying you should dress up as Wonder Man?

21. A s’more

If you’re the kind of person who likes dressing up as a food item each Halloween — no judgment — Siri has you covered! “Grab a pillow, some cardboard, and a brown t-shirt, and you’re s’more. S’more or less,” she jokes. We like it!

22. YARR-Kit

Finally, Siri has a suggestion that will probably only appeal to developers who build apps for Apple devices. “Wear an eyepatch, talk to a virtual parrot, and say you’re YARR-Kit,” Siri suggests. Scratching your head? Don’t worry, so were some users on Reddit, who finally figured out that Siri seems to be making a joke about ARKit, a platform that enables developers to build augmented reality apps for iOS.

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