Your Style: How to Pull Off the Monochrome Look

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Looking great can be easier than you ever thought possible. Yes, it’s all about looking expertly tailored, having the classics as your go-to basis for outfits, picking out clothes that look flattering on your body type, with it all wrapped together in a bow of confidence. There is, however, an even easier way to streamline your look. Even on your most difficult or unfashionable days (because every man has them) there is an outfit that you can quickly pull together and walk out the door, knowing at least that you look good: It’s the monochrome look.

Chances are, you’ve heard some negative reactions when it comes to the monochrome look, at some point having heard that your outfit is too “matchy-matchy”. Although this may be perceived as negative, it should really be taken as a compliment because the monochrome look has never been more appropriately easy to pull off. Looking good should always be an easy task.

Whatever your color of choice may be, the look is all about mixing and matching a balance of tones. The key is to wear a lighter shade of the hue on the top or bottom, but one that is a bit more muted so you don’t look like someone decided to pour a bucket of paint over your body. Whether you’re slim, toned, or stocky, sticking to this single color look is flattering on all men’s body types. The monochrome look also helps you to look leaner and taller by creating a streamlined silhouette—as long as it’s not interrupted by a different color belt, which bisects the illusion of the created long line.

Now that we’re moving into fall, try this sophisticated and foolproof look in a classic hue like navy, which can be treated as a neutral and isn’t as harsh as black — although black is still a great option. Navy is ideal for men who aren’t too comfortable or sure about dressing in all white, beige, or gray, although it’s always great to experiment.

Try this single-toned outfit, as suggested by Men’s Health for an easy morning and out-the-door look for a great day in navy (and to give the monochrome look a try):

An easy polo by Bonobos, and Paige Denim pants with fun socks, and a pair of navy coated canvas brogues by TOMS, finished off with a fantastic Nautica watch.

You can also try variations of this outfit in the other suggested muted colors for more easy, out-the-door looks.

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