Men: You’re Wasting Money on These 4 Wardrobe Essentials

While it is important to have high quality clothing, such as suits, dress shirts, and shoes, there are just some items that are not worth shelling out a lot of cash for. While you can buy anything in your wardrobe for a range of prices, there are some things that you can get away with buying on the low end and still be perfectly stylish and comfortable. Here are four wardrobe essentials you are probably paying too much for. 

1. T-shirts

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You’re likely paying too much for your T-shirts |

Sure, you can spend $150 on a white crew neck from Barneys New York, but it’s unnecessary. Basic T-shirts, you know, the kind you wear under a button down, around the house, or to the gym, aren’t made to last for years, so why spend more than you have to? Forever 21 Men sells 100% cotton t-shirts for less than $10. These shirts are practically disposable. Buy a new stack every season.

2. Jeans

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Jeans |

You really don’t need to spend a lot of money on jeans. This isn’t to say buy the cheapest pair available, but you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars either. You can buy highly discounted designer jeans on Mr Porter. They  have some of the best brands including Ron Herman, Blue Blue Japan, Alexander McQueen, and Balmain among many others. You can also try Lucky Brand, which sells affordable jeans, some of which are even under $100. Lucky has a large variety of cuts, styles and sizes from 28 to 42.

3. Flip-flops

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Are you wasting money on your flip-flops? |

The cost of flip-flops can be infuriating. Why are they so expensive? Unless you have specific foot issues or problems, you shouldn’t spend even a dollar more than you absolutely have to on them. High quality flip-flops can be a waste of money anyway because unless you strictly wear them on the sand, they will get torn up on the streets.

Old Navy has classic men’s flip-flops that are very inexpensive, sometimes costing as little as $2. You’ll flip for these flops because they last an entire season and you won’t feel bad about throwing them out in the fall or losing them. Buy several pairs at once in different colors. Keep some extras in your car or suitcase.

4. Activewear

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Activewear |

Whether you spend hours at the gym every day or are just trying to, activewear is a huge trend for men. This category is often pricey because it needs to be both comfortable and functional. FL2 by Fabletics is a new line of affordable activewear for men. Their clothing is made of high quality moisture-wicking material at a less-than-high cost.

Nordstrom Rack also has incredible deals on activewear both in store and online. Another great thing about Nordstrom Rack is that if you need to return any item you buy online, you can just do it at one of their retail locations and skip an inconvenient trip to the post office.