10 Beauty Products You’re Spending Way Too Much Money On

While you probably know the beauty business is booming, you may not realize the U.S. has the largest cosmetics market in the world, according to a press release from MarketResearch.com. And the beauty industry is only expected to grow as more high-end brands want in. Unfortunately, a lot of these products can seriously hurt your wallet. To avoid spending too much money on upscale and unnecessarily expensive products, remember to keep these 10 items within budget.

1. Eye shadow palettes

set of decorative cosmetics

You don’t need to spend a ton on this staple. | iStock.com/-oqIpo-

Eye shadow palettes don’t come cheap, which is bad news considering you probably only use two shades down to the pan and completely avoid the rest. Instead of spending so much money on expensive palettes with only a few strong shades, you’re better off building your own palette. The Z Palette from Ulta Beauty or M.A.C.’s Custom Palettes, for example, have magnetized containers that will hold all of your favorite, personally selected eye shadow pans. No color will go unused.

2. Mascara

woman using mascara in bathroom

Even beauty editors prefer drugstore mascara brands. | iStock.com/gpointstudio

It can be tempting to splurge on designer mascaras by Dior, Chanel, and Marc Jacobs, but did you know almost all Allure beauty editors (who test and report on beauty products for a living) prefer drugstore brands? Some of their favorite mascaras include Maybelline’s Volum’Express The Falsies,  Maybelline’s Great Lash Clear Mascara, and CoverGirl’s LashBlast Clump Crusher Mascara.

3. Hair oil

whole coconut split in half next to a container of coconut oil

A good hair oil doesn’t have to be nearly as expensive as some brands charge. | iStock.com

Hair oil can run you a pretty penny, often costing upwards of $50. But did you know you can create your own hair oil out things you have in your kitchen? TheFashionSpot says coconut oil does an incredible job of controlling frizz, repairing dryness, adding shine, and strengthening damaged ends. Mix a few drops of raw honey into your coconut oil for a delicious scent, and less scalp flaking.

4. Body lotion

Hands applying moisturizer

A Target brand moisturizer is perfectly fine for your skin. | iStock.com/Ridofranz

Department store beauty counters are full of enticing skin care products, though you can get the same results from drugstore moisturizers. Brands like Eucerin, Nivea, and Aveeno will leave you glowing, hydrated, and soft — without breaking the bank.

5. Cuticle oil

A young girl sits at a table and gets a yellow oil on the nails

You really don’t need to buy cuticle oil. | iStock.com/iprogressman

Your manicurist probably encourages you to nourish your nails with fancy cuticle oil, and while salon products smell amazing and deliver fantastic results, you can actually save quite a bit of money by simply grabbing some olive oil. Accroding to Livestrong, this kitchen staple makes for an excellent cuticle treatment, with the ability to strengthen and hydrate.

6. Shampoo and conditioner

back side of young female showering under refreshing water

Drugstore brand shampoo and conditioners can deliver the same great results as luxury brands. | iStock.com/Anna Omelchenko

Don’t be fooled by the promises of high-end shampoos. As Refinery29 points out, there are plenty of affordable drugstore versions that will deliver equal volume, shine, frizz control, and strength. For color-treated or damaged hair, we love Garnier’s Whole Blends Repairing Conditioner. For dry hair, try the Dove’s Intensive Repair Shampoo. If you have normal hair, look no further than the Pantene’s Pro-V Classic Clean 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner.

7. Anti-aging eye cream

Caring for the skin around the eyes

Say “so long” to expensive eye cream. | iStock.com/PavelKriuchkov

We all dream of owning La Mer’s Eye Concentrate, but there are far cheaper options that will do a similarly great job of keeping your eyes looking youthful. Try Olay’s Age Defying Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream and Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream from Neutrogena, which are both full of retinol (the holy grail of skin care ingredients) yet retail for less than $20. It turns out you can say goodbye to crow’s feet for just a few bucks.

8. Dry shampoo

woman applying dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is sent from heaven, especially when it comes to busy mornings. | iStock.com/LiudmylaSupynska

Dry shampoo is an absolute lifesaver for anyone with a busy schedule or naturally oily hair. Let’s face it, we could all use a bit of help saving time in our morning routines, and dry shampoo knows exactly how to help. But instead of spending a lot on a product you’ll quickly run out of, get Batiste’s Original Clean Dry Shampoo or Garnier Fructis’s Pure Clean Dry Shampoo With Citrus Extract, neither of which will make a dent in your pocket.

9. Exfoliators

woman's shoulder with scrub of coffee

What if you just made your own exfoliator? | iStock.com/deniskomarov

Exfoliation is an absolutely necessary skin care step, but face and full-body exfoliating products can cost a fortune. Instead, make StyleCaster’s DIY exfoliating scrub out of coffee grounds, which are known to effectively scrub away dead skin and smooth away the appearance of cellulite.

10. Teeth whitener

brunette applying a whitening strip on her teeth

Just go to the dentist. | iStock.com/Antonio_Diaz

In pursuing a perfect smile, many of us invest serious money in teeth-whitening strips, whitening light kits, and gels. However, the reality is you’ve probably been using these tools for years without much success. To save money and get fast results, make your own teeth whitening paste out of baking soda with this method from Colgate. Trust us, the fast and noticeable results will shock you!