10 Benefits of Waking Up Early in the Morning

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Every night owl curses the early morning meetings, unnatural alarm clock settings, and the very thought of having to wake one minute before absolutely necessary. But there just may be more benefits than you think to shifting your sleep pattern and waking up earlier.

In The 5 AM Miracle, author Jeff Sanders delivers a guide to reaping the benefits of early rising, empowering you to tackle your to-do list and make time for your passion projects. So, ready to take the leap and see how you could change for the better? Here are 10 benefits of rising early, according to Sanders.

More time to plan your day and execute it effectively

It’s a no brainer. Wake up earlier, and you get a jump start on tackling everything you have to do that day. Sanders says, “When you wake up even just 15 minutes earlier than normal and you use that time for planning your day, you are already entering domination mode.”

Perfect for quiet time

Begin your day with a quiet meditation, yoga practice, or simply take the time to just be. Allowing yourself the early morning hours to mentally and physically prepare for the day will help you focus, and you’ll be happy you’re not being rushed out the door.

Higher-quality sleep and more consistent sleep patterns

Assuming you go to bed on time, you can count on a consistent night’s sleep and meaningful rest. Sanders says, “Knowing you have to be in bed by a certain time will also cause you to prepare for bed, which means your mind and body will be ready to rest.”

More energy and optimism

According to Sanders, “The best morning routines prioritize energy because it is the foundation for productivity. Energy is a natural by-product of amazing health and it’s awesome!”

Better focus

Assuming you are alone for a few moments in the morning, you’ll have the opportunity to hone in on what your goals are for the day. Distractions are only there if you create them, so when you wake up, hold off on turning on the tv, listening to music, or immediately hopping onto your email, explains Sanders.

Improved mental clarity and creativity

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For many people, their best work is done earlier in the day. Sanders explains that when your brain is tired and you try to knock out a bunch of tasks at night, you’re typically fighting against a mental fog and won’t see much success, anyway.

Sexier and healthier body

If you focus on health and fitness in the morning, you could be seeing massive benefits very soon. According to Sanders:

“Waking up early is not a magic weight-loss solution, but the trend is that the kind of people who wake up early are also the kind of people who exercise. People who exercise are the kind of people who eat healthier. People who eat healthier tend to lose weight, and people who lose weight tend to have more self-confidence and feel sexier.”

Consistent increase in daily productivity

When you wake up early and begin your day with focused, clear intentions, you are more likely to actually achieve those goals throughout the day, Sanders says. Think about those days when you let yourself sleep in and wake up late, in a fog, and feel as though you’re trying to catch up, or floundering, throughout the entire day. If you begin your day with a set, purposeful plan, chances are you’ll end it that way, too.

More likely to accomplish your grandest goals

When you focus your time on big goals instead of habits, you’ll have more time to reach success on things you find important. When you wake up earlier, logically, there’s more time in your day, so don’t waste it. Spend that time on something that matters.

You will join an exclusive club of high achievers

If you start rising early, you’ll be joining the ranks of power players such as Howard Shultz, CEO of Starbucks, Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, Anna Wintour, E-I-C  at Vogue, and Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. “There is a clear connection between intentionality and success, between early risers and high achievers, between waking up with a plan and changing the world”, Sanders says. “If you want to begin your journey to high achievement, waking up early should be the first task on your list tomorrow morning.”

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