10 Inspiring Fitness Accounts to Follow on Instagram

We love drooling over doughnut pics as much as the next person, but when you’re trying to up your wellness game sugar-y foodie shots aren’t exactly conducive to sticking to your goals. With so many fitness brands and personalities now on Instragram, it’s easier than ever to get inspired to stay active and live a healthier lifestyle. Kick things off by adding these 10 Instagramers to the list of those you’re following.

Time to start scrolling…

1. Omri Rachmut

Source: Instagram | @omristrong

Omri Rachmut (@omristrong) trained in Israel where he joined the Israeli Defense Forces serving as a paratrooper for three years before bringing his signature moves stateside. Always active, his background includes everything from Muay Thai to downhill mountain biking and rock climbing.

2. Niv Zinder

Source: Instagram | @nivzinder

Niv Zinder (@nivzinder) has abs for days, and those don’t come without disciple. His page includes wellness, nutrition, as well as motivational advice along with workout ideas and inspirational body shots.

3. Courtney Paul

Source: Instagram | @mrcourtneypaul

There’s a reason Courtney Paul (@mrcourtneypaul) was tapped by Bravo to star in his own reality show, Work Out New York — he’s as good at making you laugh (“no one wants to put syrup on a pancake booty”), as he is ensuring you get the results that you want. Checkout his page for frequent reminders not to go ham at lunch and that summer bodies are made in the winter…

4. Eric Kelly

Source: Instagram | @erickellylife

This video should be enough to convince you to follow boxing champ and personal trainer Eric Kelly (@erickellylife).

5. Adidas

Source: Instagram | @adidas

Checkout adidas (@adidas) for scenic shots to inspire you to get outdoors, product shots for shopping inspiration, and lots of athletic bodies to help you keep up your gym going motivation.

6. Nike

Source: Instagram | @nike

For some of the best action shots head to the Nike (@nike) page. You’ll also get the requisite reminders to “just do it.”

7. Curtis Williams

Source: Instagram | @curtiswilliams17

Curtis Williams (@curtiswilliams17) uploads personal workout shots and videos as well as ones from his training sessions near daily, providing constant inspiration for when you find yourself uninspired and alone at the gym.

8. Mike Aidala

Source: Instagram | @mike.aidala

For the coolest, most awe-inspiring poses checkout Mike Aidala (@mike.aidala). Seriously… it’s hard to believe many of Aidala’s moves are even humanly possible.

9. Mark Langowski


Source: Instagram | @bodybymarkwellness

Mark Langowski (@bodybymarkwellness) not only posts inspiration for at-home workouts, but he also posts nutrition advice and food pics to give you an idea of what exactly it takes to get his enviable abs.

10. Under Armour


Source: Instagram | @underarmour

Under Armour (@underarmour) inspires you to get moving with a mix of celeb and athlete shots as well as product pics and a ton of action snaps.