10 of the Healthiest Countries in the World

You may strive to be healthy by eating well and exercising regularly, but what makes a person live to be 90? How can you increase your life expectancy and live a healthy, happy life? These are all things you can learn from the top 10 rated healthiest countries in the world, according to Samir Becic and his Health Fitness Revolution team. Becic and his team started by researching global data on life expectancy and health outcomes to narrow the list down to the top 10 performing countries including their projected life expectancy as of 2013.

1. Monaco

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

The citizens of the tiny country of Monaco enjoy a projected life expectancy of 89.63. As a whole, they are wealthy and are able to access organic food and healthy meals. Many are retired, which can lead to lower stress levels. According to one study published in Lancet Oncology, men who changed the way they ate and handled emotions and stress increased the telomeres in their cells. Telomeres, which are protein and DNA-based complexes regulate the aging of cells.

2. Japan

The Japanese have a life expectancy of 84.19, due in large part to their diet. The Japanese eat plenty of freshly caught fish, vegetables, green tea, and seaweed, which is high in iodine. In addition, the diet conscious Japanese consume small portions.

3. Singapore

Singapore is renowned for their rigid rules and regulations on keeping their environment healthy and clean. Singaporeans have some of the best hygiene in the world and work together to keep the city clean. The government is known for promoting a clean and healthy environment through education, volunteering, and rules. Coming in at number three, the life expectancy in Singapore is 84.07.

4. Spain

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Source: iStock

The beloved Spanish tapas have made their way to countries around the world and the small, portion controlled meals keep the people of Spain slim and in good health. In addition, the Spanish enjoy a daily ‘siesta’ or a two-hour nap mid-day, which is known for lowering stress levels and helps keep their life expectancy high at 83.12.

5. Greece

The Greek’s diet of olive oil, fish, and fresh vegetables inspired the Mediterranean diet that people around the world follow for heart health. The Greek’s life expectancy comes in at 82.98 and is thanks to their diet and overall regular physical activity.

6. Andorra

This tiny, mountainous country is set between France and Spain. The people of Andorra are expected to live to 82.58 and enjoy a primarily Mediterranean diet. Being in the rugged mountain terrain means lots of skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer.

7. Switzerland

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Source: iStock

Its no wonder the Swiss made this list with a life expectancy of 82.28. The people of Switzerland are active and they take advantage of their beautiful location in the Alps. They enjoy skiing, hiking, biking, and climbing year-round.

8. Australia

With its remote location, importing foods is too expensive so many Australians eat local, natural foods that are grown within their country. With an average life expectancy of 81.98, the Australian culture is all about sports including surfing, rugby, swimming, biking, and hiking.

9. Italy

With a life expectancy of 81.95, the Italians are also nourished by the Mediterranean diet. The people of Italy also know how to relax with a glass of good, red wine which research shows is good for the heart. In Italy, drinking and eating is done in moderation.

10. France

The French may be indulgent with their fine cheeses, pastries, and wine, but in France it is all about moderation. The French are notorious for small portions and well-balanced meals, which keeps their life expectancy high at 81.56. In addition, as a culture the French walk most places to avoid sedentary lives.

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