10 of the Healthiest Countries in the World

4. Spain

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

The beloved Spanish tapas have made their way to countries around the world and the small, portion controlled meals keep the people of Spain slim and in good health. In addition, the Spanish enjoy a daily ‘siesta’ or a two-hour nap mid-day, which is known for lowering stress levels and helps keep their life expectancy high at 83.12.

5. Greece

The Greek’s diet of olive oil, fish, and fresh vegetables inspired the Mediterranean diet that people around the world follow for heart health. The Greek’s life expectancy comes in at 82.98 and is thanks to their diet and overall regular physical activity.

6. Andorra

This tiny, mountainous country is set between France and Spain. The people of Andorra are expected to live to 82.58 and enjoy a primarily Mediterranean diet. Being in the rugged mountain terrain means lots of skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer.

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