10 Reasons Running Is Better Than Going to the Gym

2. Being outside is better for your body and your brain


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Some gym-goers cite fear of injury as one of the predominant reasons they stick to the treadmill, so they might be surprised to find out they could actually be causing more harm by staying indoors. Dr. Irene Davis, a professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School spoke to Time about how the repetitive nature of running can be hard on the body. Running outside is actually less likely to lead to injury than running on a treadmill because runners have to adjust their form to hop over curbs or dodge other obstacles, which shifts the load to different muscles.

Though exercise of any type is a great way to give your mood a boost, the effect is even greater if you’re outside. A 2012 study from Glasgow University found those who exercised in the great outdoors reduced their risk of suffering from mental health issues by half. Now that’s something to smile about.

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