10 Simple Ways to Make People Like You

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Have you ever noticed how some people tend to be more likable than others? It could be an unspeakable magic that they posses, or perhaps they just know the well-kept secret to likability. An article published recently on Inc.com references an interesting personality trait that defines the most popular people, as revealed on an episode of the ABC drama Mind Games: Popular people are more readily able to admit their weaknesses rather than waiting for them to be revealed over time. Maybe there’s something to it.

Try to cultivate some of the following traits to up yourself on the likability scale. Here are 10 simple ways to make people like you, because you’re already incredibly awesome:

1. Ask questions

People who often ask questions (not obnoxiously of course) are typically well-liked. It’s human nature to be helpful; when we see someone who appears to need our help, we tend to like them more as we like to be the ones to provide all the answers.

2. Talk more

This is something we all don’t do enough of, especially because we have our heads buried in our phones — texting and checking Facebook most of the time. People who are very well liked talk constantly and explain themselves; they are not rude or blunt, rather just have a habit of explaining things in detail.

3. Help more

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Help others — no strings attached. Think about it: The person you usually like the most helps with the most mundane of actives, with everything from helping with the copier machine to looking over one of your business proposals. Make sure you’re genuine when divvying out your help, and expect nothing in return (except to be liked).

4. Be a better listener

Although talkers tend to be more likable, as over-communicating puts people at ease, it’s also important to be a good listener and know when to shut your mouth and listen. Likable people are always good listeners who genuinely want to learn new things. They communicate and say their piece, but then listen for a response.

5. Really and actually care

Social media seems to have made us care less — we’re just all too damn into our selfies. How exactly do you care? It requires effort and actively setting aside your own interests and ambitions in order to help others. You have to consciously decide you’re going to care about someone other than yourself; extra points if you’re genuine. Your likability just shot up a couple of points.

6. Realize that you don’t know everything

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Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY likes a know-it-all. This is the person who needs help and just won’t ask for it. They have a conceited attitude and exhibit a sense of pride that drives everyone else crazy.

7. Be the comedian

It’s almost like being the class clown (now the office clown) who has a carefree approach to life. Plus, it’s hard to hate the jokester. The most-liked people are those that tend to fill the room with laughter — case in point, comedians. If it’s not in your nature to be funny or crack a joke, just be open and ready to see the humor in everything. People will love you for it.

8. Be less serious

I don’t mean with your career, but more so your approach to life. See the bigger picture and focus less on your personal issues. At the core, serious people are acting selfish because they are too focused inward. Highly likable people, especially at work, are those who are able to set aside their concerns and just go with the flow. They’re less selfish, hence more likable.

9. Don’t be pushy

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Although a difficult trait to master, people who are highly likable don’t tend to push their own agenda too much, but instead they go with the flow. They’re flexible and open, and are able to adjust to any situation.

10. Admit your weaknesses

Refer back to the opening paragraph, but here’s a little reminder: Admitting your weaknesses makes you more likable. Don’t express them in a woe-is-me sort of way or play victim. Admitting your weaknesses should leave you open to improvement and ensure you continue to learn everyday, as we all should.

Don’t forget to smile.

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