10 Desires Every Guy Wants From a Relationship

Men are reluctant to discuss their needs. Whether it’s out of social conditioning or they’re just innately unable to communicate their wants properly, many guys have a hard time expressing their feelings. Listen up, guys: There is no reason for you to suffer in silence, and not have your needs met in your relationship. To help encourage you to express your feelings, here are 10 things that you really want from your relationship. If all else fails, you can always just show your significant other this list.

1. To have your own life

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This first one is the most important. Men want to have lives outside their relationship. They want a partner who has his or her own life as well. Although you are both the most important people in each other’s lives, it’s important that both of you have other interests, and that you have your own passions and set of friends.

2. Communication

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If your partner doesn’t tell you what’s on their mind, then how are you supposed to know? Although men are more direct and tend to think logically, women are more indirect, yet verbal, and focus on emotion. A relationship without proper communication is like trying to breathe with no air. You can’t because you would die, and so would your relationship. So talk.

3. To know what the hell is going on

So many women do not express themselves because they’re afraid. Afraid, mostly, of what you’ll think. By doing this, women are not being themselves and packaging themselves to be shinier, less-truthful versions of themselves. But, in reality, men want to know what is going on in their significant other’s head. Encourage your partner to be honest and reveal their true selves.

4. Acceptance

You are who you are. You know what makes you tick and you have some inexplicable tendencies that encompass who you are as a person. You want your partner to understand that and not try to change you. Ever.

5. Sex

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Men express their emotions through sex. This is a common fact. Men (and women too!) want sex and want to be adventurous with their love.

6. Let men be men

Which means that sometimes they act like little boys. As long as they don’t act like that all of the time, accept that they may be immature from time to time.

7. To feel like a hero

Fact: Men are providers, and they like to make sure that their significant other is taken care of. When their partner is in distress, they want to swoop in and save them. Think Superman or Batman. What man doesn’t want to feel like a super hero?

8. Sweat it out

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Working out together is incredibly hot, you know, because you both sweat. Working out with your love builds an incredible connection between the two of you — you each get to witness the other pushing their physical limits. It is another way to get to know each other.

9. Men want to be inspired

When a man’s significant other does something he or she loves, it makes men also want to work hard at their own passions. Be each other’s inspiration in all that you do.

10. When you’re with your partner, be present

One of the biggest peeves (of most men) is not giving them most of your attention when you are with them. I don’t mean in a childish way, more in the way that when you are spending quality time together you are focused on the conversation and what they have to say. Men want their partner to be present, and vice versa.

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