10 Types of Men That Women Find Attractive

Ever wondered what women find attractive? Is it a nice beard, or perhaps your great personality? Maybe this list will help enhance your game or give you that added push to throw you back into the game. Want to know what they are and see if you’re already in the exclusively attractive group? Here are the certain types of men that women find very attractive — take heed and you’re sure to gain some points with the opposite sex.

1. You have some scruff

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There is something undeniably masculine about a guy who allows his facial hair to grow. You look so much more baby-faced when you shave, which is OK, but the stubble is great. The Huffington Post reports that a study conducted by researchers in Australia revealed that women prefer guys who have heavy stubble over men who are clean shaven, had light stubble, or a beard.

2. You’re funny

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Common knowledge states that women love funny men. It means you are creative and a quick thinker, which means we most certainly will never be bored with you. Elite Daily notes that there are several benefits to dating funny men: they’re entertaining, can handle social situations, are observant, confident, and secretly sensitive.

3. You have a lot of friends

Like the television show Entourage, get a group to travel with and you’ll be more likely to be found attractive. Men’s Health notes that a study from the University of California at San Diego found that people were rated as better looking when they were in group photos as opposed to solo shots. When we see you in a group, we have a better basis for comparison when determining your attractiveness.

4. You’re a good provider

A study conducted by the University of Alaska Anchorage revealed that women found men more attractive if they took part in “hunter-gather” type risks and activities; those that would have traditionally shown men to be fearless and good providers. We don’t need you to go out and scour your prey though.

5. You like kids and babies

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If you play nice with babies, it’s a major plus. It shows you’re kind and caring. Plus, being good with kids signals to women that you’ll also be a good father.

6. You have a dog

Seeing you around your dog shows us that you’re sensitive and caring. PetMD states that there are four reasons why women love men with dogs. It shows you’re dependable, responsible, understanding, and loving.

7. You volunteer

A study from Cornell University found that men whose dating profiles showed selfless traits, such as volunteering, were desired much more by women. Solid investment in something that’s incredibly unselfish makes us see you as a kind and worthy long-term relationship partner.

8. You’re happy

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Smile! You’ll come off as genuine, kind, and sincere. And it will show you’re fun. Fox News Magazine states that one of the top things a woman wants in a partner is for him to be fun. So go ahead and keep on smiling; you’re making us happy.

9. You’re strong

Women rated “built” men as more sexually desirable than thin, non-muscled “slender” guys and heavily muscled “brawny” guys, says a study from UCLA. Women like dominance and masculinity but not to an extreme. The happy medium? The dad bod.

10. You’re in a band (or pretend to be)

Carry a guitar. Is it any surprise that women love musicians? It means you’re sensual, creative, cool, and fun. Medical Xpress reports that a study published in the journal Psychology of Music found that women were three times as likely to give a guy her phone number when he asked for it while holding a guitar case than when carrying a sports bag. It is all about perception, don’t forget that. Musical ability is associated with higher intelligence, and better genes, which makes us more attracted to you.

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