15 Reasons Why Staying Inside All Winter Can Actually Make You Sick

With temperatures at an all-time low and the hustle and bustle of the winter months taking its toll, you may be tempted to hold up in your house and avoid the outside world. Heck, being out in the cold with all those people is just going to make you sick, right?

On the contrary. Spending too much time indoors can actually have an adverse effect on your health. Hard to believe? Here are 15 reasons why staying inside all winter can actually make you sick.

Your gut health is compromised


Gut bacteria| ChrisChrisW/Getty Images

You may not realize it, but maintaining a healthy mix of microorganisms in your gut is very important. And the more you get outdoors — yes, even in the cold — the better your gut microbiome will be. “Going outdoors,” Lovebug Probiotics explains, “increases your gut microbiome’s diversity simply by exposing you to a wider variety of good bacteria strains. In turn, a more diverse microbiome tends to be a healthier, more balanced one.” Having good gut health can also help stave off many of the other maladies on this list!

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