3 Habits All Successful People Follow

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Some people get all the luck. Or so we think. Follow this two-part series to discover the three things all successful people do to achieve fortune. 

It’s easy to look at high performers and think, “I wish I were that lucky.” Most of us weren’t raised in the comforts of high society, so it’s natural to look up to the wealthy or famous and feel jealous of their fate. But not all of the elite have gotten to their positions by a stroke of fortune, and in fact, the “lucky” are rare exceptions. Barring oil strikes or lottery wins, most high-performing individuals and families have relied on three things to attain their wealth. Here’s how you can do the same.


Your methods of production are important parts of your resource base. What is the thing (or things) that will actually carry you to your intended goal? When you adjust your activities based on your holistic goal, you will always move forward and toward that goal. If the means by which you alter your course interfere with any part of the holistic goal, you will know about it because you have written it down and can determine if it takes away from your quality of life, or interferes with your resource base, or if it enhances your quality of life while leading you away from the target.

Planning is a continual process that requires your active involvement and adjustment every single day. As Allan Savory, founder of Holistic Management says, “The word plan becomes a twenty-four-letter word: Plan-monitor-control-replan.” If you really want to achieve your goal, you must be active in the 24 letter version of plan. If you don’t monitor the results of the action steps toward your plan, you won’t be able to implement controls. And if you don’t implement controls, then when your plan goes off course, there will be nothing to correct it. If you don’t replan, then your controls may advance you in a direction that opposes the intended holistic goal.

That last part of holistic goal planning you need to consider as your future resource base. This part is also the least considered, which explains why our world is floundering at the expense of everyone’s poor planning. If you want a green earth with fertile soils and clean oceans with diverse ecosystems, you had better state it. Otherwise, the actions you take toward your goal will come at the expense of the future, which is exactly where we find ourselves today. This means considering every sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to the cheapest mean available.

Sometimes you have to dip into the future resource base, especially when first starting, but if you lose sight of the future resource base, your achievements may come at the cost of your grandchildren and all living creatures that inherit the land after you pass.

*NoteThis is the briefest and roughest explanation of holistic planning that is possible for this article, and though it is useful, you’ll find learning about it from the originator much more profitable. Purchase Holistic Management, by Allan Savory, on amazon. Also, check out Holistic Management International for online instruction.


Without this key ingredient there won’t be any opportunities to get lucky. Persistence is the key that brings all great plans to life. But persistence isn’t simply persistence; it is the culmination of many virtues working together, like faith, courage, humility, integrity, and patience, which is the last portion of the formula.

As you persist toward your goal, day in and day out, you will be cultivating these virtues so that persistence becomes a habit. You will get knocked down flat on your ass. You’ll get bruised and battered on the way to your goal, if it’s any good at least. But if you get back up and keep moving forward, there is nothing but death that can stop you from achievement (and even that will only delay you).

If your goal is any good, then people will laugh at you and think you are deranged for daring to succeed, but take heart; you can convert that haterade into fuel to persist. If you’re doing it right, there will be many people and obstacles that suggest you can’t. If you listen to them, the success you imagined will have to wait for someone else to persist and make it real. You can do it, but you’ll need a big dose of the last part of the formula: Patience.


Patience is a key part of persistence, and it is so important that it demands a category all to itself. Patience is the presence of mind that allows you to persist even when things feel hopeless. It is the wisdom in the back of your mind that says, “Success isn’t born in a day. If you keep moving, you will arrive. Enjoy the journey, and embrace the struggle.”

Without patience, you may end up persisting and persisting till you are one yard from the finish line, and then putter out after getting so close to success. This happens. Every day there are thousands of people who give up on their dreams because they thought their actions should have been rewarded sooner. But the real treasure that comes from achieving your goals has nothing to do with the goal itself, but the person you become along the way. If your own growth is not good enough for you as you strive for your goals, then no amount of success will ever be good enough and you will not receive it.

One practice that helps to develop patience is keeping mindful of your achievements and your personal growth. Those intangibles that no one else can see will be yours to secretly treasure as you make your way to the top. If you don’t take time every day to reflect on what you have achieved and how you’ve developed as a person, no amount of success could ever come soon enough. So be patient and count your blessings on the road if you want to persist to your destination and see your success become real. Journal about the invisible successes of character that no one sees but you. Cherish them, and use them as fuel to persist.

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