3 Reasons Why Spending Time With Your Friends Is Good for You

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With jam-packed work schedules, family life, and social media, bro-time has fallen off the radar for many men. We feel that work satisfies our needs for camaraderie, that family covers companionship, and that Facebook keeps us connected. So why should any guy go out of the way to spend quality time with his closest male friends?

1. Friends give reality checks

The closer you get with your friends, the more transparent they’ll be with you. If you are sure that your friend would take a bullet for you, you can also have faith that he’ll call you out before you take a big fall. Taking the time to cultivate a true friendship based on mutual good will and respect will give you a profound insight into your own behavior and best interests. Good male friends who have the courage to honor their word and vulnerability to grow in friendship with you will have the sack to speak up when you’re headed off a cliff.

Building up trust and commitment in a platonic relationship will give your life a profound level of lucidity. Whereas most of our other committed relationships rise and fall out of lust and boredom, platonic male relationships have no drug to offer or abuse. If you are good and honest to your friend, and he to you, the wedge of lust that destroys most relationships can’t touch you. Because male friendships aren’t clouded by love chemicals, you can count on them for an unfiltered opinion.

When a person has no vested interest in a chemical high derived from you, there is far less standing in the way of him telling you precisely what’s on his mind. Real friends give us reality checks that we sometimes need to stay on an even keel, and the more quality time you spend with a friend, the realer your friendship becomes.

2. Friends show affection, which we desperately need

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Modern science is proving that we need incredible amounts of touch, but, by and large, we aren’t getting enough. Embracing your closest male friend for 60 seconds willl give you all the health benefits that are associated with strong social connectionsResearch has also shown that male touch in professional basketball teams correlate with increased performance. Having a close friend who can give you a hug when you’re down will make all the difference in the world.

3. Loyalty

Each bit of time you carve out to spend with a bro is more than simply what it is you are doing; it’s an exercise in loyalty. In case you didn’t know, loyalty is the epoxy that keeps families, communities, and nations together. Loyalty is an important virtue that links that past with the future and gives meaning and security to our lives. Spending time with guy friends leads to an important lesson learned over the years: We don’t have to be just like someone else in order to love and care for them.

As time goes by and people change, your relationships will change too. If you’ve spent quality time and invested energy in a person, you won’t be likely to throw it away because a person changes. Male friendships are some of the greatest proving grounds for loyalty because change is inevitable. So we can learn to love our friends again and again, or we can dump them and never access a deeper meaning in friendship and life.

Loyalty is certainly tested by time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be spending time with your closest friends as often as you can. Make time for your bros and be good to them. It’s important.

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