3 Relaxing Getaways Where You Should Take Your Partner


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When you fall into a rut with your partner or you seek to renew a romantic connection, you have to think outside the box — you need something that will help the both of you to relax and feel good. Consider a beauty excursion together: one that not only takes care of both of your beauty needs, but also one that makes you feel blissful. It’s not hard to find bliss, you just need to put the effort in to relax and reconnect together. Splurge on traveling to a beautiful balmy setting where you’ll be stretched, massaged, cocooned, and cared for guilt free. No matter where you choose to go, even if you stay local, you’ll be nurturing your health and well being, quieting your spirit, and pampering yourselves together. What better time than now to escape the harsh winds of winter? Here are some suggestions to treat yourselves to.

1. A spa getaway

Two Bunch Palms resort

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Sure you want to take a vacation, but sometimes a vacation can facilitate stress even though you’re supposed to be relaxing. Instead of booking a vacation to a beach resort, why not book a vacation specifically classified as a spa getaway? By booking a spa getaway with your partner, you’re doing much more than just going on vacation together — you’re going somewhere where everything is done for you in a relaxing environment. Look for one that is an adult-only getaway with spa treatment rooms, baths and therapy pools, and a diverse selection of treatments such as outdoor massages, clay masks, and mud therapy. Essentially every part of the hotel-spa is designed as a relaxation outlet for the two of you. Although there are many different options for where to travel to, the Two Bunch Palms in Desert Hot Springs, California is a great one to try. The couple that gets clay masks together stay together.

2. A yoga retreat

Esalen Institute

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A couples yoga retreat can really deepen your love, strengthen a new relationship, or help a couple fall in love all over again. A couples retreat teaches you how to relax and explore all the senses together, become more aware of how you interact and share in your emotional strength. According to Dr. Marsha Lucas, the author of Rewire Your Brain For Love, mindfulness meditation can help people struggling with relationships in three important ways: It reduces stress, bridges the intellectual and emotional areas of our brains, and increases awareness — all of which promote understanding and empathy of others and between you both as a couple.

Sure this all sounds a little sappy, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised with your shared experience. When exploring yoga as a couple, you’re sharing the experience of connecting through the senses while remaining grounded in your inner, true self, and undergoing inner growth separately, yet sharing in the experience of doing so.

Disclaimer: If you’ve never tried yoga before, don’t stress, instead, try and just enjoy the relaxation aspect of it. With so many yoga retreats to choose from around the world, the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, Calif., is the real deal.

3. Spend the day doing a couples mani-pedi

If you both can’t splurge for a weekend getaway but can spend the day together, visit your local spa or nail salon, one that offers a spa experience or packages where it’s not just your typical manicure and pedicure. Go for a few hours together, sit back, relax, and splurge on a hot stone, paraffin, or mud treatment pedicure with callus treatment (especially recommended for the guys). Not only will you feel better about your hands and your feet, but your partner will be grateful as well.

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