3 Things Your Friends Do Not Want to Hear You Talk About

Whether your life is too hard or too perfect, there are certain things your friends are just plain sick and tired of hearing you talk about. Sure, friends are supposed to lend a listening ear and thoughtful advice whenever you need it, but there’s a fine line between venting and bitching. Next time you grab your phone to dial up your best bud, mull your problems over and see if any of them might be on par with these three irritating topics. You might be thankful you thought twice before opening your next conversation with another subject no one cares about.

1. How busy you are

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Source: iStock

We get it. You work. Believe it or not, so do I. When you meet up with friends for Happy Hour post-5 p.m., it’s natural to vent a bit about what’s going on at work or mention that you might have had a less-than-wonderful day at the office. It’s one thing to swap office stories for a bit, but it’s quite another to show up and act completely exhausted, as if you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders. We’ve all been at work all day, and the very purpose of meeting up post-work is to forget about our long days on the job. And guess what? If you’re so overwhelmed by your work and feel the need to monopolize the entire night’s conversation with your petty drama, maybe you should have stayed home to spend the night catching up on work. Just sayin’.

2. Your ex

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Sure, sometimes exes will naturally come up in conversation. After all, they were, more likely than not, a major part of your life for some time. We totally understand the need to divulge every detail to your buddies, but what’s not cool is doing the same to your current main squeeze. I’m completely open and accepting to the fact that you might have just gotten out of a three-year relationship, but if you’re choosing to spend your time with me now, I really couldn’t care less about the ins and outs of your past relationship. There’s a difference between having an adult conversation about a major part of your past and randomly bringing up a past partner on a daily basis. I don’t care if you went to a certain restaurant with her all the time or if she ruined your ability to always be super nice. The reality is, you’re an adult, so please act like one, and don’t bore me with your past failures and tragic woes because as quickly as you do, I will walk my smiling self out the door.

3. Your awesome hookups on free gear

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Yes, milking the shwag system for all its worth is definitely a benefit of your job and networking skills, but sometimes, we don’t want to hear about it. If you’re anything like me, you know a lot of people who work in the outdoor and lifestyle industries, so there’s a good chance many of your friends reap some pretty serious benefits, having gear tossed their way multiple times a season. If you fall into this category, please listen closely: No one wants to hear about it! There’s nothing like having to sell your soul just to get a pro deal or measly discount for your favorite brand, only to hear your pal bragging about the three pairs of unmounted skis he’s got sitting in the garage that some sales rep just left for him to try out.

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