4 Bad Habits Dads-to-Be Should Break

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Becoming a dad is one of the scariest yet most exciting things in the world. That tiny human being will be your responsibility, and it’ll be your job to teach your little one and help them find their way. Becoming a parent is one of the most selfless things you can do, and it is an incredibly rewarding experience. Before you’re ready for your little bundle of joy to come into the world, though, there are few habits you’re going to have to toss for the sake and well-being of your child. Children learn by example and depend upon their parents for everything. Make sure you show them the right way to do things, and try not to pass your bad habits onto them.

Here are four bad habits that all dads-to-be need to break.

1. Quit unhealthy habits

Not much research has been conducted on the bad, unhealthy habits dad-to-be have that can affect their unborn children, such as smoking and drinking excessively. When a prospective father engages in unhealthy behaviors, it is not spoken about much. A new article suggests that one reason for this is sexism. The belief that once the seed, so to speak, is planted, the father’s behaviors mean very little, which is not true, the new study asserts.

Before the study, scientists have historically denied any connection between a dad’s and baby’s health could exist, more so putting the onus on the mother. “The implications of this research deficit are huge,” the article asserts. “Some 60 percent of all birth defects today are of unknown origin; tracing even a small fraction of these back to men’s environmental exposures would constitute a major public health advance.” Suggestion: Cut out your bad habits — it’s better for you and your baby.

2. Stop dressing like a child

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If you’re having a child, then you need to stop dressing like one. I’m not saying give up your personal style, but consider dressing in a way that comes across as more responsible, not like you’re about to go join a Bon Jovi cover band. This is not the same thing as dressing in boring attire, either; just because you have a child doesn’t mean that your personhood is dead.

When you become a dad, it means that your life has changed (for the better), and you should dress accordingly. Our clothing styles naturally change as we get older and begin to discover who were are. It’s just the natural progression of life, and once it becomes real to you that you’re going to be a father, you’ll want to dress differently. You might think twice about wearing your spiked combat boots to a lamaze class.

3. Take responsibility

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As both a dad-to-be and a human being, it is important to set an example for your children and always do the right thing — no matter what. A child learns from seeing and if you always do the right thing, and lead by example, you will be a fantastic role model to your children. You want them to grow up to be good people, and that all starts with you. Unfortunately, children tend to pick up bad habits from their fathers, more so than their mothers.

4. Show you care

Although it may go against your nature, showing that you care about all things — no matter how big or small — is yet another good example to show your children. Be a kind, caring person, and your little one will follow in your footsteps.

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